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Full Moon Forecast for 12/22/18

We have a Full Moon in Cancer on Dec. 22 @12:49 PM EST. Also called the "Cold moon". This moon is all about family and emotions. Changes may come in the area's of employment, business contracts and domestic relationships. Except the coming changes of beginnings and endings to take place in our lives. This energy will affect the U.S.A in a major way. Nature will become active with bad weather,earthquakes, and sudden loss where people will have to relocate due to natural disasters. Many will be forced to move due to these issues.

On a more positive note, Cancer energy gets us in the mood to cook, bake and cater to family. Our domestic God/Goddess comes out and amazing things can be made in our kitchen and "Decking the Halls" is in order too.Time to bake those holiday cookies for friends,family,neighbors etc. This moon wants us to do nice things for other people. Kindness, spirituality and good will towards man is the manta. And with a Full Moon and a Universal Dragon in Cancer/Capricorn the energy is all the more intensified.

Your two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: This energy is in your domestic sector. Moving and relocating or remodel will be in order. Emotions will run high but expect the changes coming for you because the stars have better to offer you in the future.

Taurus: Sad news is coming by mail,phone or email. Siblings may contact you and even bring disturbing news. Be strong and have hope.

Gemini: Financial issues may arise and added expense is common. You will have to spend on family at this time of year but those X-mas smiles for the little ones makes it all worth it.

Cancer: The Full Moon is right on you. Change is coming and much needed. Cancer is hit with a double whammy. Full Moon in Cancer,and Dragon energy in Cancer. Emotional stress will be common and grounding is needed.

Leo: Dreams have meaning so listen to them. Stop dwelling on the past and move forward in life. Much better days are ahead.

Virgo: You will enjoy good times with friends and social situations, and even meeting new friends. There will be that one friend that will stab you in the back, so beware.

Libra: Career changes are ahead whether you like it or not. Your accomplishments and public image will be in the spotlight so behave yourself Libra and be patient.

Scorpio: Foreigners may bring headaches but they need you. Trips and higher learning may have to be postponed at this time. Wait until the next New Moon for better luck.

Sagittarius: You will hear about a death or passing of someone.Legacy is common. Others money will touch you personally, be generous and help others and it will be repaid in karmic terms.

Capricorn: Beginnings and endings are ahead in business and domestic situations. Its time to focus on you and take good care of yourself at this time. The Dragon is hunting for you and you must treat your body as a temple.

Aquarius: Improving your health will be the focus. New opportunities within your service to the world might change. After the New Moon things will get better. The stars want you to move forward.

Pisces: Finding true love or losing it may happen at this time. Children will bring added stress. Tis the season, so make the best of it and get your creative side going.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season. Check out my predictions and forecast for 2019 here:

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