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Full Moon Forecast for 3/9/20

The Virgo, Super Moon is here. March 9, at 1:48 p.m EDT. This full moon is all about better health,better diet,organization, and nature. Virgo has to be of perfection, purity,cleanliness, organization and health. This is the "Spring Cleaning Time" moon for sure. We tend to be more critical of others at this time so please remember "no one is perfect."This will also be a time when the medical field workers will be doing overtime to deal with the Coronavirus. Send some prayers their way!

Virgo Full moon rules the 6th house of health and service to the world.Some of us may see many changes with our employment and our health.ALL earth signs will feel this energy the most, and some of us will worry about our own health due to a weakened mental process. Step one, DO NOT FEED INTO FEAR! Step 2, CONSUME FRUITS,VEGGIES, AND IMMUNITY RICH FOODS. All Virgos,Capricorns, and Taurus will feed into this negative energy if you let it get to you. As a Capricorn myself, I choose to not live in fear but also be awake and aware. Instead of joining a dirty, crowded gym, since we are dealing with a modern day plague at the moment. Better to get outside with no crowds and take up hiking, long power walks or yoga or exercise classes on You Tube. We do not need the gym to get exercise but we do need strength and good mental process which comes from proper food and physical activity, no matter how small in measure. Movement is good!

The positive side of this Full moon will be getting in cleaning and cleansing mood. Many of use will be inclined to declutter,get rid of stuff, and improve their own lifestyles for the better. This also means cleansing the spiritual also. A good smudging of your self,computer area and your bedroom would be a good idea using palo santo,pine(Pine Sol is magick floor wash too), or sage.This is the perfect time to have a garage sale, sell used stuff on Etsy,e-bay or online. Virgo Moons bless exercise equipment, juicers, detox programs,diets, general organization and order. Virgo rules textiles so any purchases made on fabric or natural clothing like cotton and hemp will receive good deals.

Magickal Folk: Whether the practitioner is working for themselves or for others this is the best time to work magick for employment or better jobs or pursuits in education and higher intellect. Spells for health and diet,and aliments of the intestines,nervous system, and green magick and working with Mother Earth or the Green Goddess will be empowering.

Your two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Change is coming in your work life. Don't let this effect your health and stop worrying.

Taurus: You may become a little neurotic about the children and your love life will bring stress and disappointments.

Gemini: Family matters will add stress to your life now. Possible move,relocation or selling or buying of a house might come up. Emotions will be high.

Cancer: Your communication and mental process will be off. Don't assume anything now and get all the facts first.

Leo: You might have to spend money against your will or you may invest in yourself and improve your looks.

Virgo: This is your moon Virgo. Don't stress over the things you cant change. Keep your sarcasm to a minimum because friends and lovers may give you a hard time about it. Stay the course and 2020 should improve as the year goes on.

Libra: Mercury Rx may bring the past back. If they are happy moments enjoy but if they bring sadness remove them. Listen to your dreams now.

Scorpio: You may have falling outs with friends or even deception. Time to process and lay low.

Sagittarius: Career changes are ahead. Travel plans made might be delayed or postponed due to the Rx. Your public standing will be in the spotlight so behave yourself in public. The next New Moon will be better.

Capricorn: Added stress from education, travel plans and foreigners. Not the time to make any kind of travel plans.Wait for the new moon to proceed as earth signs are operating at a lower vibration from this Full Moon and mental process isn't clear.

Aquarius: News of a death is common, along with legacy and inheritance. This is not the time to invest but sit back and observe for now.

Pisces: Your domestic and business life brings sorrow and misery. The stars want you to clean it all up and move forward.

The next few weeks will be trying for many. We are entering the waning phase and a Mercury Rx too boot. Replenish yourself, regroup, declutter, organize, make time for you. Have a great week everyone.

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