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Full Moon Forecast for 4/19/2019

We have a Full moon on April 19,2019 in the sign of Libra/Scorpio @7:12 a.m EDT. The Scorpionic Pluto energy will dominate this lunatation and always brings secrets to light,FBI,police news,death of the rich and famous,sex,crimes,terrorism,cyber attacks,and anything dealing with death,drama,and transformation. The world has already witnessed drama this week with the Notre Dame fire.

Let's not forget what is buried underneath this cathedral. The Île-de-la-Cité on which Notre-Dame de Paris now stands was once a Gallo-Roman city known as Lutetia. The Cathedral was built in 1163 and completed around 1345 on Pagan God/ Goddess temple of sacred ground with statues of Jupiter and other like pantheons, and it sits on a very powerful ley line which held much meaning and alot of power to the Rosecrutian order and Knights Templar, who in many ways help build Notre Dame Cathedral a.k.a Our Lady de Paris and to keep the divine feminine alive in some small measure.

After careful review and putting logic and reason first because the investigator in me comes out,then looking to the stars I see that this fire wasn't an accident but a methodically well planned event to serve the church.Isn't it convenient that many the priceless relics where moved two weeks prior and during holy week to boot. Things that make you go HUMM!

The incredible architecture and beauty of this cathedral, as holy as it may be also had it's darker side too. From thousands of women burned at the stake in front of this church during the "burning times" and countless number of beheading via the guillotine, lots of bloodshed, death, drama and negative energy has absorbed here. And I mean no disrespect to my Catholic brothers and sisters. I'm very fond of touring different cathedrals. Some of the most incredible architecture I've ever seen. However,history shows otherwise.

This Full moon falls right in the epicenter of the "Days of Caution" from 19 - 23rd. Plutonic phase is going to be in full effect and a deadly energy will be present. The Scorpio energy will be more dominant then the Libra energy. Secrets always come to light,cyber crimes,sex news, hate crimes, terrorism ,rich and famous die under these stars too.Stay out of large crowds,know your surroundings and with Mercury(communication) moving into Aries(aggression), keep your mouth shut because it could kill you if you aren't aware of the energies at hand.

Your two week forecast:

Aries: Possible death or legacy news is ahead and issues with joint finances.They next two weeks will be trying.Just stay patient as this will pass in time.

Taurus: Issues with your marriage, domestic relationships,business contracts and partnerships will need to be addressed. The stars will force you out of what isn't working anymore.

Gemini: Work environment may become stressful leading to health issues.Use this time to focus on better health,making better food choices and getting exercise.

Cancer: This moon energy is rather negative in matters of the heart. Children bring added stress into your life now. Its best to remain silent as this Scorpio energy passes thru the love house.

Leo: Being tactful is key right now if you want to succeed under these stars. Added stress enters your home life and immediate family. And this too shall pass!

Virgo: Make sure communication is clear and of kind words. One night stands signal danger.Beware!

Libra: Your finances get you stressed out now as you may have to spend more. Better self-esteem and a positive outlook on life is key to get thru this intense energy.

Scorpio: Your going to be tested to your limits as this Full moon is right on you. Stay clear of arguments,drama, and gossip. You have two choices: be the Eagle of the zodiac and rise above it or be the snake(lizard) and fight,create drama and spread lies.

Sagittarius: Positive changes are ahead, just have patience(Jupiter is Rx in Sagittarius)and effecting all December born souls. Secrets are reveled and dreams will lead to insight.Listen to your subconscious.

Capricorn: Friends will reveal secrets at this time putting added stress on your 11th house. Wishes will not be granted at this time and sad news is ahead.

Aquarius: Career issues,setbacks and achievements add stress. A new path is ahead in the New moon phase.

Pisces: Foreigners may cross your path and stress from set backs and postponements with travel may happen.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe pink Full Moon and blessed start to the holy weekend for those who celebrate. Blessings!

The Gargoyles of Notre Dame

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