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Full Moon Forecast for 6/5/2020

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius on June 5,2020 @ 3:12 p.m, and at 12:12 p.m for all of us on the West Coast. This is also called the "Strawberry Moon." We also have a Lunar Eclipse, and one of three for the lunar month of June/July. Lunar eclipses are all about emotions and feeling. Lunar eclipses are believed to be a veil between the worlds, and the deaths that happen at this time, those souls reincarnate faster.

The Sagittarius Full Moon is all about news from foreigners and foreign lands,traveling, philosophy,law/courts,higher educations,justice, animals, pets, and the codification of thought. This Full Moon will be more dangerous in nature,especially with all the planetary retro-grades happening.. We will see more anger and hostility on the planet. The downfall to this energy will be arrogance,over confident, and being down right obnoxious, and some of us could become a little accident prone. Work on you. Your internal issues. Whether that be aggression,anger, resentment or depression, work on healing it. This is a good time to make travel plans(domestic only),take an online course. Do not purchase new pets at this time, and many pet owners may experience their four legged friends crossing that Rainbow Bridge soon.

Magical Folk: There are many practitioners who feel magic is to never be practiced during eclipses.I say, if your a beginner, keep it simple. This is all about manifestation magic. Light a white candle,anointed with blessing oil, inscribe into the candle what you want to release,bring forward or rid yourself of. The key to this spell is nothing more then what you see in your minds eye. If you want to loss 20 pounds, envision it,see your self thinner,eating healthier, and getting exercise. If its fear,release it, give forgiveness but always envision it,over and over, in your mind. Happy Manifesting!

Your two week Full Moon Forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Trips are delayed and added stress with foreigners is common. Any court issues will have delays. Not the time to be adventurous,relax and lay low.

Taurus: News of a death or passing of someone you knew. You will be dealing with joint money and some frustrations will go along with that.

Gemini: An ending and rebirth is coming with a possible partnership or contract.Domestic and work life will need some care.

Cancer: Stress will come from work and home environment. Your own health will need attention. Make the next few weeks all about you and your well being.

Leo: Children will be more demanding and accident prone.Romance takes a back seat to parental issues.You will find your creativity again.

Virgo: Beware of fire in the home. The home front brings stress to the household.Emotions will be high and sometimes this can indicate an abrupt exit or move coming. Hang in there!

Libra: Siblings may contact you in distress, trips and plans will be postponed. Negative news by mail or phone is common.

Scorpio: Your bank account will take a hit and you will have to spend against your will. This eclipse is a full restructure of your wealth and money.Time to review it.

Sagittarius: This Full moon energy is right on you, and you must be careful. Do not take chances or gamble as luck isn't on your side right now. You may be more accident prone then usual at this time. Be careful, and take it one day at a time.

Capricorn: Of the entire zodiac, Capricorn is in the worst position, subconsciously. You will have to let go of fears, guilt, and the things that haunt you.The Dragon is riding your deepest, innermost, thoughts via the mind. Do not feed into fear or depression.

Aquarius: Sad news with friends and social situations. The next few weeks, do not expect wishes to come true. The New Moon will give you better odds.

Pisces: Disappointments and possible endings with a job or career. Don't let this stress you out and act out in public..for you will regret it. New moon brings more positive energy.

The next few weeks sets the course for more chaos,violence and mayhem. We have so much happening,not just on the planet but astrologically too. June is gonna be a hard month with many natural disasters,accidents,tornadoes, and earthquakes.The U.S.A will continue to have internal turmoil. Focus on your own internal health and take care of yourselves. Blessed Full Moon.

Sedona Moon Rise by Rahelio Rodriguez

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