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Full Moon Forecast for 7/27 - 8/10

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

The Water Bearer

We are moving into uncharted waters this week. A transformation is coming for both us as humans and for Mother Earth too. Events that take place now will move fast and quickly in a shocking manner. Issues will arise swiftly so my best advise is to be on your guard for whatever the Universe throws at you. Watch the news in the next few weeks to come.

The eclipse is directly across the Sun in the N.Node/Dragons head and directly hitting the S.Node/ Riding the Dragons tail in Aquarius. Incorporate the Uranic phase starting from July 26 - Aug.1st. THESE ARE YOUR DAYS OF CAUTION FOLKS! Please be careful as sudden release of energy will happen.Earthquakes,eruptions, insane weather forecasts, aeronautical disasters, electricity, the bizarre and almost unbelievable will happen. UFO and alien activity will be active and for those of you that are prone to abductions, losing track of time and extremely sensitive to paranormal activity you will feel this energy the most. This Aquarian/ Uranic / Blood Moon energy will open up the portals to let more E.T's in on this physical plane.They do walk among us, cloaked to the human eye without us knowing. For those who put their cell phones down long enough to see the signs and omens they are leaving for us, some of us are listening to those ancient Gods of the past and they are asking us to be better human beings on this earth. Humanitarian issues will arise under these stars too.

As an Ancient Astrologer the only time I focus on trines, squares, conjunctions,

oppositions or sextile is when I give progressive readings or Universal ones. And here are a long list of them happening all in a 24 hour period. The sun will be opposite (this is destructive energy) Sun squares (tension) Uranus and we will demand personal freedoms. Sun conjuncts (unity and peace but also aggravation) N.node in Leo. Moon squares Uranus making our emotion erratic and un- grounded. Then we have Uranus conjunct Uranus (exact) meaning that the energies will be felt the strongest.Neptune conjuncts Neptune (exact). Pluto conjuncts Pluto (exact) . Jupiter conjuncts Jupiter (exact). My best advise to everyone at this time is this "you can not control others but spiritual souls must learn to control themselves".

Now on to your forecast:

Aries: This moon falls right in your 11th house of friends and wishes,social events. You will lose some friends at this time or they might act a little strange at this time.Your wishes will not come true at this time. Social activities might not go as planned and you will probably be very misunderstood. Wait for better stars to start socializing.

Taurus: You career will take a hit with this energy. This eclipse will have you more worried about your job or career. You will also be focused on a new found freedom you have discovered. Do not apply for any jobs until we are in a waxing moon.

Gemini: Trouble with foreigners might arise or issues with the law. Its not a good time to take any trips or even plan them. You might have verbal disputes over religion with someone and plans made will unravel or be postponed.

Cancer: You will have a very interesting week. An upbeat spirit is common but death news of some sort will hit you either personal or other. Not the time to invest and a beginning and ending of some sort is getting ready to take place. Be strong!

Leo: Your most important relationships and business contracts will be tested to the limits.Its time to work on your domestic realm and if its working or not.Changes will come in your 7th house of partnerships and contract. Do not sign any thing until better stars are around.

Virgo: You are going to have to listen to your body a little better. Health issues may arise and this would be a good time to get healthy and quit some of those bad habits. Your work life might get a little more stressful then usual or you may even end or begin an new job.

Libra: Bad news in the love game and children might stress you out. Your love life will take a hit and you may need to reevaluate what you truly want in a lover and what you have no need for anymore. Hard decisions will have to be made. Hang in there!

Scorpio: Your emotions will be out of sorts with this energy.Stress to home and family might make you depressed. Family will not be easy to deal with.If and when this happens dear Scorpio, I want you to regenerate your spirit thru water. Bath,ocean,lake or stream, get there as it will help balance out stress.

Sagittarius: Issues with siblings and communication will become problematic. You will be misunderstood so speak clearly and choose your words wisely. Trips may have to be cancelled or postponed.

Capricorn: A full restructure of your finances and how you make money will be presented to you. Its up to you to know when to grab it. A financial expense is common too. Do not be too hard on yourself as your self - esteem is fragile right now.

Aquarius: This eclipse energy is right on you.Remember that Lunar eclipses are a death and rebirth. You have had negative energy on you for the past 14 months. Alot of karmic energy has effected you. A rebirth is coming and this moon is gonna put it all in perspective.Mediate more!

Pisces: Some may feel like they are having a mental breakdown of some sort. This Full moon/eclipse is hitting your 12th house of the subconscious, hidden enemies who wish you harm are around you. You are the ruler of the subconscious mind as Pieces rules 12th house. You must listen to your dreams at this time.They will give you messages and just like Scorpio, when you feel the depression kick in "get to the water" to replenish yourself.

I'm wishing everyone a safe eclipse/Full moon. Follow the universal laws and don't temp fate. This is going to be a difficult Full Moon for many.And I see many lives being lost. Be kind to one another because humanity will be demanding it.

Blessed Be

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