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Full Moon forecast for Aug.26, 2018

            Full Moon in Pisces August 26, 2018 @ 7:56 A.M EDT. Deep feelings come to the surface at this time and our psyche can either help or hinder us.We must learn to swim to the light,upstream. This is not the time to consume alcohol and steer clear of drugs, legal or illegal.

             This energy rules deception, illusions,suicide,depression, Middle East, oil, religion and hospitals. Many will feel depressed,have low energy and have a general feeling of hopelessness. The churches will make the news along with flooding,drug overdoses,suicides and insanity. Remember that this energy will pass and whatever feelings you have now, know that it’s temporary and that this shall pass. Do not feed into negative thoughts or depression.Take time to meditate and focus on the positive. Full moon in Pisces brings the underworld and spiritual realm to the forefront. Your psychic or mystic will be highly powerful at this time.This is the perfect time for readings,whether tarot,astrology or psychic readings. This energy gives me (the astrologer) the power to see beyond the realm of consciousness and look beyond what the human and mundane soul cannot see. Now onto your two week forecast.

Aries: Your subconscious is very active.Depression is common under this energy. You must remember to let go of the past and know that you are loved deeply.Stop feeding into negative thoughts.Take these next two weeks to focus on your higher self.

Taurus: Friends will become an issue at this time. It might be time to clean out our friendship circles and learn who is true and who is fake. Many will try and deceive you at this time. You will have to rise above this and move on.

Gemini: Issues will arise within your career.Changes will be made and challenges will be on the forefront. Have patience and know that this will pass in a few weeks.

Cancer: Plans will be cancelled and changes made. Foreigners may bring you trouble and anything that has been planned will be rescheduled or postponed. It's time to lay low and wait for the new moon in September to progress forward.

Leo: Death news will touch you personally in a direct and indirect day. Be strong because drama is ahead but you will land on your feet just like the cat that you are.

Virgo: Stress to your house of marriage,partnerships and contracts. You may have to reevaluate your marriage or business partners at this time.Think with the head and not the heart and all will be fine.

Libra: Stress from your work life will take its toll on your health. Try not to feed into the negative because you will have tons of negative souls surrounding yo.Rise above it and know that this energy will pass.

Scorpio: Your love life will need serious attention at this time and if not addressed, it will only get worse.Children will also bring added stress to you at this time.

Sagittarius: Stress is coming to your home and family life.Extra intense emotions will make this energy difficult. Real-estate issues may arise too. Be strong and know that this will pass in time.

Capricorn: You will receive bad news via the mail or internet.

Be strong and try to avoid depression. This is the one sign that must avoid drugs and alcohol at this time. Your psyche depends on it. Go to nature and regroup and ground yourself.This will pass in time too.

Aquarius: Financial stress and issues will arise. Money will become an issue and it will be time to reevaluate how you spend.

Pisces: This energy is right on you. You may feel the universe is against you at this time. Feelings of depression and sadness can set in. Remember, the stars have much better to offer you in the future.Stay positive and DO DON'T DRINK OR INGEST ANY CHEMICALS!

                   The next few weeks will not be easy. We still have five planets retrograde with Mars going direct on Aug.26th. Issues with religion,war and general turmoil will be common. Neptune will make us depressed,dreamy and not fully grounded. Do not feed into negative thoughts and remember that Pisces rules religion and has been ruling over this planet for 2,000 plus years. In the process of this, people will fight with one another, get too intoxicated and do things they will regret later. Do not become a victim to this energy. Stay focused and grounded and refrain from arguments with people over religion, politics and any sort of social injustice. Know that you are the advanced soul and rise above the ignorance and stupidity that these issues rule. One earth, One people! Have a safe and drama free week everyone. Light and Love!

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