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Full Moon Forecast for Sept.2

Full Moon is in Pisces on Sept. 1- 2 @ 1:22 a.m EDT. This energy is where our vises, and escapism can get us. Pisces is Neptunian energy, and it's all about religion,the church, drugs,oil,alcohol, addictions,Middle East issues,hospitals, jails or prisons,water,floods, and all about staying high enough or in a dream state, to forget the cold harsh reality of life a.k.a....escapism. Pisces in the more positive energy is all about dreams,music, the arts,books, clairvoyance,divination,higher conciseness, swimming to the light,psychic energy, the 12th house of the subconscious mind, and divine wisdom. This celestial placement can effect, and will effect souls sensitive to the Pisces Moon energy. So Sun,Moon,Ascending, Dragons head/tail in Pisces will all feel the repercussions of this energy both positive and negative depending on one's stars.

This Full Moon is the perfect time to call upon Arch Angel Sandalphon when searching for peace, soothing music, deeper meditation, stronger connections to the Divine, prayers of healing to fellow brothers and sisters, stronger spiritual paths, connecting to your psychic self, and Sandalphon is the Arch Angel that will send your prayers straight to the heavens.

Magical Folk: The Pisces Full Moon is one of the most psychic ,and clairvoyant. This is the perfect time to work magick from dreams, divination, telepathy, working on psychic abilities, music,and the creative arts. Healing rituals for the feet, and lymph glands are also blessed now.

Two week Forecast by House and Sign:

Aries - This is the time for you to take stock in your dreams. Dont let the past keep you from progressing forward. Do not feed into depression.

Taurus: Some friend will be leaving your life at this time, and it will be difficult, as friends are sometimes here only for a season or a lifetime. Wait until the next Moon to make those wishes come true.

Gemini: You will be in the public eye in some way. Career changes, and different directions are common now. Go with the flow, behave yourself in public, and all will be fine.

Cancer: Sad news from foreign lands. Change of plans or postponement with travel, and higher education. Any court cases will not play out in your favor right now.

Leo: Watch yourself around water. Inheritance or legacy will touch you personally. You may have to depend on someone else for finances. Sexuality is heightened, and can become a fantasy world.

Virgo: Changes are coming in your domestic life. Change in partnerships and how you conduct business. Wait until the next new Moon to sign any contracts.

Libra: Its time for some self care. This would be an excellent time to schedule that much needed check up. Don't let your work life bring on any added stress, better days ahead.

Scorpio: Your love life might become messy and stressful. Give these next few weeks time to think, then take whatever action is needed. Children could bring on this stress too.

Sagittarius: Sudden plans to move,sell, or relocate. This isnt the time to start any home project with Mars moving Rx. Domestic issues bring heavy emotions. Be strong!

Capricorn: Do not feed into depression as your mental clarity will be murky, and drugs and alcohol will only make matters worse. Sad news possible via mail,email, or phone call. Be strong!

Aquarius: Some financial stress is ahead. You may have added expensive this month. The New moon is right around the corner, and better days are ahead.

Pisces: This Full moon is right on you Pisces, and needed changes are ahead.If you do not make the changes, the Stars will do it for you. Luck isn't on your side for a few weeks.Hang in there!

Pisces Moon energy can be very deceptive or it can bring amazing psychic visions. The energy is against all us for a few weeks, so make the best of this lunitation, and steer clear of any chemical substances, including booze and pot for they will blur your vision to higher consciousness. Be safe. have a very blessed Full Moon.

Blessed Be!

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