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Full Moon Forecast -May 18,2019

We have a Full moon in Scorpio on Saturday May18 @ 5:11 p.m EDT. This Full moon brings with it extreme danger for the world at large and the next two weeks will be difficult for many. The Plutonic phase started on Monday and we are in the zenith of this energy right now. Powerful transformations will occur and with the Dragon tail negative in Capricorn expect dramatic news coming from Washington D.C. from its corrupt politicians, religious fanatics, and corporations will all see their corruption, financial indiscretions,and manipulation exposed. This is not the time to behave badly in public,get into arguments with people because what ever you do in this phase it will follow you for the rest of your life or kill you. Keep a calm, cool demeanor and a level head if you want to make it thru this phase.

Scorpio is the sign that rules metaphysics, witchcraft, law enforcement, CIA/FBI, sex, hidden secrets, science,investments, investigation, joint finances, taxes, and the occult. Souls born in the Sun sign of Scorpio can be the witch and wizards of the Zodiac. However, souls born with a Jupiter in Scorpio are the witch and wizard of the zodiac, and that would be me,your astrologer. See my weekly forecast for more info:

Your two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: The possibility of death or legacy news is ahead of you. issues may arise with joint finances and investments. Don't make hasty moves and wait until the next waxing moon to move forward.

Taurus: Problems in your marriage, domestic life, and all partnerships can bring headaches. Its time to reevaluate the situation.Saying"I'm sorry" to someone wouldn't hurt either. Don't let your stubborn nature ruin things.

Gemini: Your health will need attention at this time and so will your work life.These areas will bring added stress. Use your will power, and strength to win.

Cancer: This energy will be stressing you out in all areas pertaining to children, love and romance. DO NOT feed into this negative energy.Regenerate with water, meditate and wait for the new moon.

Leo: Changes are ahead in the home and with your family. My best advice is this " remain calm,take deep breaths, bite your tongue for now and let it rip on the New Moon in Gemini(communication) on June 3rd.

Virgo: Positive communication is key,watch your tone and words or pay the price. Beware of one night stands as they will bring trouble in the end.

Libra: Some financial issues arise making you have to spend money against your will. Try not to dwell and remain positive.

Scorpio: This is right on you Scorpio! There are two roads to take, the path of The Eagle to higher conciseness, and wisdom or The Lizard drama,jealousy,manipulation and conspiracy.

Sagittarius: Dreams have meaning and some secrets may be revealed. The future looks bright.and Jupiter is in your Governing Sun sign making Sag not down on his/her luck for long. New Moon is head, be patient!

Capricorn: Wishes will not be granted at this time,and distressing news about friends or secrets might make this a depressing few weeks.

Aquarius: Issues involving your career,accomplishments, and public image may bring problems but there is a reason for everything.Have faith because the stars have so much more to offer you.

Pisces: Plans may have to change or be delayed regarding travel,higher learning and dealing with foreigners may bring added stress.

These next few weeks will be trying for many.I know this isn't the most positive forecast but if you have read my other blogs on this site you know that this energy will pass and I must keep it real with everyone for sugar coating a situation(s) only keeps our heads buried in the sand. As a former teacher once told me "Knowledge is Power!" Follow the Universal Laws so we may all live in harmony and in accordance to the stars.

For all my magical folk: this is the perfect time for paranormal investigations and magic for binding,hexing ,cursing if you so desire, and spells revolving around contacting the dead,sexual matters, power,psychic growth, and revealing secrets. Healing spells dealing with infertility and reproductive organs are perfect at this time.


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