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Full Moon Forecast Oct.9,2022

On Sunday, October 9, 2022 @ 4:55p.m. EDT we have a Full Moon in Aries. This is also called “The Hunters Moon" because of its bright orange glow and how it rises at sunset and last until sunrise the next day. Aries is the Lord of War, and ruled by Mars, “The Warrior of the Zodiac,” where aggression, violence, and negative developments can take place in the Ukraine, and with Russia. There could be dramatic news in regards to China, nukes, NATO and World War III. There is a very high possibility that in these next two weeks we will hear about more explosions, wars, death, and violence. Distressing news usually comes from places such as Germany, and the Scandinavian countries.

This Full Moon is on Americas 10th house of accomplishments, public spotlight, and goals. There will be challenges for us as a nation, and the world at large. The energy will be difficult for most. I'm very worried about this Full Moon as its energies create unconscious humans with rash thinking, impatience, and a lack of self-control. Road rage also comes to mind too. This energy can bring out ones impatience and aggression, especially with strong Aries and Mars placements. Many of us will be rushing around, making quick decisions, and a fast pace will be on the agenda. Watch your tone with others because Aries can and will use brute force.

The more positive side of Aries is adventure, bravery, new inventions, setting plans into action, creating new ideas, and making bold moves but that all must wait until the next New Moon in Scorpio/Solar Eclipse. The Waning phase is a time of planning, setting things up and waiting to make your next move. Aries Full Moons can create devastation with bad weather, fires, and social unrest. Just watch the news and you will understand what I mean. DO NOT PURCHASE FIREARMS OR WEAPONRY AT THIS TIME!

Pluto in Capricorn has gone direct as of the 8th and many have transformed from this retrograde and learned many new things to help ourselves grow along the way. The next planet this month that stations direct is Saturn on the 23rd. We can all breathe a sigh of relief as fewer responsibilities are imposed upon us, and the boundaries we have set in place only makes us stronger.

All souls will feel this energy by house and sign but all Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius feel this energy the strongest. Those born with a Dragons head/tail in Aries, Moon, Sun and rising signs feel this energy the most, Libra feels it too.

MAGICKAL FOLK: Aries Full Moons are perfect for working magic dealing with authority, promotions, leadership, strength, will power and self-control. To bringing pressure to thy enemy and using the powers of Mars for baneful work is perfect. This is also a good time to help heal ailments of the face, brain and head area. This is strong, masculine energy so use it to your advantage, and don't forget to make some Full Moon water, and charge all those crystals in the moonlight.

The next few weeks are always rough when the Full Moon is in Aries energy. Many of us experience added aggravation, and even aggression. We all must take a deep breath, and not let the aggressive nature of this moon get the best of us. Try and steer clear of any arguments or intellectual debates as they will not go well in an Aries Full Moon. Stick to tasks that benefit you, your family, yourself and home. These next few weeks will be hard on the world at large, and what I’ve feared the most through the years could become a reality if Putin has his way with nukes. The next few weeks after the Full Moon are going to be stressful as I’m seeing the beginning stages of World Wars III starting. That was my prediction for the upcoming Aries/Libra Dragon entering on July 18, 2023 but I do believe its beginning.

Putin is in danger of being over thrown or assassinated by his own people as he demands a draft of Russian men to fight a war they do not want to fight. If he is backed into a corner, his stars indicate he can and will use nukes. He will either get sick or be killed. This was another prediction for 2023/2024 Dragons. Let’s pray this doesn’t happen as I would rather see him get over thrown then him resorting to nukes.

Keep an eye on China and Taiwan too. That is a very heated situation, and it has to do with one thing, semiconductors. Taiwan is the largest producer of semiconductors and they produce 60% of the global manufacturing of semiconductors. A China takeover is a big win for China. Not so great for the rest of the world; especially the U.S.A.

This Full Moon has its positive attributes too. We can have liberating moments where meditation through the active mind can transcend many things and bring clarity, new realizations and new perspectives to the table. Of course, I say this every Full Moon in Aries, but it is true.

Have a blessed Full moon, and be safe. And we have extended our clearance sale, use Code: Fall 15 and receive an additional 15% off already clearance prices.


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