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Full Moon in Aquarius

We have a Super Full Moon in the shocking and futuristic sign of Aquarius on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, at 2:32 p.m. EDT. This is also called the Green Corn Moon or Sturgeon Moon in Northern America and given its name from Native American tradition, due to the sturgeon run, a large privative fish. They believed a bountiful catch meant a plentiful harvest season.

Aquarius Full Moons represent surprising, and even shocking developments to manifest. This is where the earth can come alive with intense weather patterns, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, electrical storms, and nuclear issues. and space and aeronautical issues can arise. Since Aquarius rules technology, it will be a good idea to purchase those items on or before the Full Moon.

This Full Moon is all about Uranus and the power behind it. Uranic energy is all about electricity, lightning, explosions, and how things will happen very swiftly, shockingly, and without notice. This means preparing yourself, mentally for all the surprising and shocking events to manifest.

Be prepared in the next few weeks as the strange and bizarre make headlines, and our governments will make major decisions and even announcements in regard to the economy. Unfortunately, with this Uranic energy in place, we will hear about shocking and even deadly news in the next few weeks ahead. Please note that this Full moon energy is the exact same energy that was in place during the Mandalay Bay Hotel mass shooting in Las Vegas back in 2017. Be aware of your surroundings. And try to avoid any flying but if you have to fly just purchase those tickets with the right stars and you will be fine.

On the more positive perspective of this Full Moon: Aquarian energy is all about rebellion, freedom, humanitarian issues, groups, friends, friendships, clubs, brotherly love, community, and group events. This is also the perfect time to do some star gazing, any UFO investigations are blessed and I guarantee you will see things in the night sky. Get yourself a pair of night vision goggles and what you witness will leave you speechless. Aquarius rules friendships, but since it will be in its waning phases, stick to friends you know well and wait until the new moon to meet new acquaintances and new friendships.

All air signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini) will feel this full moon the strongest and of course, all souls born with a Sun, Moon, rising, natal, or hidden dragon in Aquarius and Leo all feel its energies, strongly. This will also affect the Earth's signs in regard to wealth, employment, and career.

Venus has gone retrograde as of July 22 and stays there until September 3, 2023. This means that you should steer clear of medical day spas, filler, Botox, plastic surgeries, salons, and having anything drastic done to your looks as Venus Rx will not bless ANY of these procedures.

This is also not the time to get engaged, married, or start any new relationships. Taking a look at your finances wouldn't hurt either since Venus does rule love, beauty, arts, wealth, and money. It will be Taurus and Libra that feels this Venus Rx the strongest.

Magickal Folk

The Aquarius Full Moon is the perfect time for spell work dealing with making new friends, seeking out new friendships, creative expression, extra sensory issues, and astral projection. This is where scientific endeavors and freedom spells will work well. Invoke the Full moon's energy to help with healing spells of the circulatory system, blood, ankles, and calves and breaking old habits.

These next few weeks will be filled with all sorts of insane headlines but it is a perfect time to do a little star gazing, practice astrology, and do divination of all sorts. (tarot readings, pendulums, bone throwing, runes, tea leaf reading, etc.)

This is going to be a very intense Full Moon filled with shocking and even disturbing surprises. Hence why I keep reiterating the word “SHOCKING” throughout the entire forecast. Not one zodiac sign has a positive forecast this time around and I would be a liar if I sugar-coated any of this. Some signs will feel this worse than others but for the world at large, be prepared for shocking events to occur.

Wishing everyone a blessed Full Moon. Be Safe!

Astro -Strega

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