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Full Moon in Aquarius 8/22/21

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Full Moon Forecast for Sunday, August 22, 2021

I made a mistake on my last newsletter about the moon in Pisces; and I guess I was already in vacation mode. The Full Moon is in Aquarius @ 8:02 a.m. This is also called “The Sturgeon Moon.” This meaning comes from the annual Full Moon in August for its abundance of sturgeon caught in the great lakes area of the United States.

This Full Moon in Aquarius is all about Uranus and the power behind it but more on that later. Aquarius rules friendships, humanitarian issues, brotherly love, community, group events, star gazing, rebellion and freedom. However, Aquarius Full Moons also represent surprising, and even shocking developments to manifest. This is where the earth comes alive with hurricanes, earthquakes, intense weather patterns, electrical storms etc. Aeronautics and space news are always in the headlines. Since Aquarius rules technology, it will be a good idea to purchase those items before the Full Moon but do expect issues with electricity, lightning, and explosions.

We will hear about shocking news in the next two weeks and even the strange and bizarre make headlines. This is also the same energy that brought the 2017 Mandalay Bay Hotel mass shooting back in 2017 and that was shocking news.

The zodiac signs that will feel this energy the most will be Aquarius, of course but also Libra and Gemini. Souls born with a Moon in Aquarius, ascendant (rising), Dragon head or tail (N. and S. nodes of Moon) all in Aquarius will feel the energy shift the most. All earth signs will feel this in their financial/ career/employment sector in some way. Money will have to be spent against your will.

One more thing I want to add to all of this is that Uranus went retrograde on August 19 and will be with us until Jan.22, 2022. When the planet of released energy, explosions, and shocking events goes retro in Taurus which rules earth, security, finances, it is a time when we as humans become a bit of a rebel. We are seeking new knowledge, enlightenment and a way to grow as individuals. Even our own intuition is heightened at this time so listen to your inner voice now. This rules fault lines, the American dollar, crypto, and a new and shocking way we use money. Be safe out there, especially after the full moon.

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