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Full Moon in Aries Forecast

Monday, September 24 @ 10:52 PM EDT the moon moves into aggressive and fiery Aries (Lord of War). The Harvest Moon might be difficult for us to deal with as two polar opposites, Libra Sun and Aries moon are at odds with each other. We may have to deal with past issues and get them resolved.

Expect dramatic news and conflicts around the world will take place and humans will have very little patience and aggression will manifest if not careful. Now that you know the energies at hand, don't become a victim to them.

With both Mercury and Sun in Libra (harmony)and no other planets residing in Aries things should be more diplomatic than usual but not in all countries. War zones will continue to be war zones! This is the beginning of the waning moon phase and she gets smaller. We regroup,clean up,plan our next move and this Full Moon energy is testing our patience. Be strong and take deep breaths....and it's OK to scream if you must.Physical activity would be good for all of us at this time. Now on to your two week forecast.

Aries: This full moon is right on you telling you its time to make those needed changes in your life. Restructure is needed and it may not be pleasant. Be strong!

Taurus: Try not to let depression get to you.Your past is your past.Stop dwelling,forgive and let go. Your dreams will give meaning to subconscious issues.

Gemini: Friend(s) may stab you in the back and wishes will not be granted at this time. New friends and people will grace your life in the next new moon phase.

Cancer: Career issues and setbacks arise.Ride the wave,stay focused because in five weeks the Universal energy shifts into Cancer. Things will get better.

Leo: Foreigners and trips will disappoint and even your education and studies will be tested. Once the new moon hits in Oct. things will get better. Dont give up!

Virgo: You may hear of a death in a direct /indirect way. Inheritance and legacy is possible. Stay strong!

Libra: Work is needed in your partnerships whether domestic or business. Change is coming.With Mercury and Sun both on you, Libra,1st house diplomacy,grace,and balance just might be the key.

Scorpio: Take care of your self. Added stress will be put on you from your work life and health problems can arise. Take time for you!

Sagittarius: Stress with love, romance and the children. This isn't a good time for any gambling Sag. Wait a few weeks.

Capricorn: Real estate and home life might stress you out. Watch for fire and keep a cool temper in the home front. Stay balanced and calm and the goat will survive.

Aquarius: Your mental process may be scattered at this time. Slow down, listen and re-focus. Mars is in Aquarius making you a bit more aggressive. Meditation is suggested.

Pisces: Financial problems are ahead. Time to take a serious look at money matters.

The next few weeks will be difficult for some more than others. Try to stay grounded and balanced. Pluto goes direct on September 30th letting go and transformation are the key ingredients to success.


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