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Full Moon in Aries Forecast

We have the Full Moon in Aries on October 13, 2019 @ 5:08 p.m EDT. also called "The Hunters Moon" for its bright orange glow and how it rises at sunset and last til sunrise the next day. Aries (Mars) is the Lord of War, warrior, aggression and violence. Negative developments will take place. We will hear about more death and violence in the Middle East and beyond. Dramatic news in regards to war and explosions. And with Pluto and Saturn both in Capricorn expect more anger and fighting among the two headed, one party, government system. U.S.A and England will be in the headlines the next few weeks.This energy will be hard on many so stay positive and grounded as much as possible. DO NOT PURCHASE FIREARMS OR WEAPONRY AT THIS TIME!

The more positive side of Aries is setting plans into action,new ideas, making bold moves(wait for the waxing moon). Adventure, bravery,new inventions,ideas and plans come to light and taking the lead. However, Aries must learn from trial and error so this is a time to think before you speak.

MAGICKAL FOLK: Working magick dealing with authority, leadership, will power and self control.This is a good time to help heal ailments of the face,brain and head area. This is strong masculine energy so use it to your advantage and don't forget to make some Full Moon water , and charge all those crystals in the moonlight Sunday night.

Forecast by house and sign:

Aries: This Full Moon is right on you. Change is needed and painful memories will re-surface. Moving forward is best ,let the past go and move forward with life.

Taurus: Depression and sadness might set in and this Full Moon will take a toll on your subconscious. Negative thoughts will breed negative behavior. Holding grudges only makes matters worse.There is no future in your past.

Gemini: You will find that some of your friends aren't really friends, and that some of them have betrayed you or stabbed you in the back.Luck and wishes are not on your side for awhile. Hang in there!

Cancer: Your career is stalled for now. Set backs are common at this time. Wait for the next New Moon and things will pick up in this area and your accomplishments will get noticed.

Leo: Stress is coming with a study,trip or foreign issue. Plans will have to be postponed but Leo is known for never giving up so be patient,wait for the next New Moon and then green light,GO!

Virgo: Sad news is coming in regards to a death, and their legacy might touch you financially but bring many headaches in the long run. Try not to make any decisions now as this is a time to re-evaluate without action.

Libra: Clean up is needed in your domestic sector and if you wont change them ,the stars will. Stress in the areas of marriage,partnerships and contracts are possible and will need attention. Sign nothing until the New Moon phase.

Scorpio: Upsetting situations within your working environment will make your health take center stage now.Its time to relax, and take care of yourself.

Sagittarius: Your love life becomes stressful and full of disappointments. Children will bring added stress at this time.This isn't a time to gamble either, luck isn't with you now.

Capricorn: Stress coming from family and real-estate issues. Anger and fighting in the home is common.Beware of fire too.

Aquarius: Your communication will be off. You must learn to listen to others first and get the entire grasp of a conversation. Your mental process will be challenged now and plans will have to be postponed. Sad news by mail is coming.

Pisces: Finances will take a hit and the next few weeks will be trying when it comes to making money. Added expenses are common now. Be patient it will get better soon.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead. Be safe and check out my fb page here: as I will be doing FREE mini readings tomorrow and running my Full Moon special here:


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