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Full Moon in Aries - Oct. 20,2021

We have a Full Moon in Aries on Wednesday, October 20,2021 at 10:57 a.m. EDT. I'm not gonna mince words; I'm a little concerned about this Full Moon in Aries. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, Lord of War. This energy can bring out ones impatience, rash thinking, and lack of self control, especially with strong Aries or Mars placements. Rushing around, quick decisions , and a fast pace will be on the agenda. The main reason I am worried about this is because this can create very volatile situations. We move into a semi Plutonic phase the very same day and with our own government and the debt ceiling looming this very well could create a financial crash or big blow to the stock markets or the beginning of war, violence and chaos.....lets hope I'm wrong.

Pluto (death,drama, rebirth) is also in Capricorn (politics, control) and we are seeing corporations like Facebook and others under karmic scrutiny as their misdealing get exposed. The next Dragon tail in Scorpio is already raring its ugly face. The rich thought that by cutting peoples unemployment, people would return to work in droves but the opposite has happened. People are not returning, and many are doing work from home. This is the Saturn (karma) in Aquarius, which rules community, and unity. Aquarius will always be for the little guy, and for the people. If our government doesn't get its shit together, a revolution will be on the rise.

Distressing news usually comes from places such as Germany, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries. They always make headlines. Aries Full Moons can create devastation with bad weather, fires, and social unrest. Now, on a more positive note, Mars is still in Libra and there is a balance between war and peace. Lets hope diplomatic Libra can keep the peace.

There is more good news too. Mercury and Jupiter both go direct on October 18,2021 but there are those ten days after we call the fore shadows where the energy is still present. Like I said in my October newsletter, we aren't out the woods officially until October 28 or 29 when it comes to a Mercury retro-grade.

The next few weeks are always rough in Arian/Aries energy. Many of us experience added vitality and even added aggression. These next few weeks will be hard on the world at large. but for the soul it can be a liberating moment. Where meditation through the active mind can transcend many things and bring clarity, new realizations and new perspectives to the table. Try and steer clear of any arguments, or intellectual debates as they will not go well in an Aries full moon. Stick to tasks that benefit you, your family, yourself and home.

Be safe and blessings!


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