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Full Moon In Cancer 1/17/22

The Wolf Full Moon will be in the intuitive and emotional sign of Cancer on Monday, January 17, 2022 @6:48 p.m. EST. Get ready for heightened awareness, intuition, and a touch of kitchen witchery to prevail. When the moon is full and dignified in Cancer, its all about family, food, security, and home. Business and promotions might take a set back along with marital issues. There will be beginnings and endings to many phases of our lives. The weather becomes erratic and chaotic and fault lines will stretch themselves with earth changing conditions, and bringing forced relocations for many.

The U.S.A. and Great Briton make headlines and government will have to step in to promote peace and civility around the world. Their decisions will have direct impact on families, and our lives as American citizens. The key to get through this energy will be to focus on spending time with family, cooking, baking and staying close to home and hearth. This will be where our security falls, and where we feel safe. Practice random acts of kindness and listen to your inner self.

Cancer Full Moons are about letting go of our past, and focusing on what is ahead this year. We will feel emotional at times within these next few weeks and this is where a mother figure or mother will need your time and help. This is also perfect time for Mother Earth devotion and Gaia energy. All water signs and Capricorns will feel this moons energy the most, and those with strong Cancer placements.

There is alot going on celestially these next few weeks besides just a full moon. We have the Dragon/nodal shift on the 18th, Mercury has already gone retro in Ancient Astrology as of the 7th and Uranus goes direct on the 18th too.

Magickal Folk: Any sort of magick to manifest your dream home, housing, buying and selling real estate are going to work well under this moonic energy. With the moon dignified in Cancer, and at its highest peak of energy, all spell work for fertility is a go. Cancer rules the womb, breasts, and stomach, and ritual and healing work for those areas of the body are blessed under these star's. Tapping into the aspects of lunar magick can make a world of difference in many spell cast workings. Happy Magick Making!

These next few weeks will bring lots of emotion but also lots of quite, family time around the kitchen. That will be the safest place to be. "Home and Hearth" are the mantras these next few weeks. Be safe and blessed Full Moon.

Astro - Strega

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