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Full Moon in Cancer Forecast

Full Moon in Cancer Forecast

The Wolf Moon of January is the cold, dark, and barren moon, and is at the pinnacle of winter. We have the first Full Moon of the year in Cancer on January 6, 2023, at 6:08 p.m. EST. It’s all about, rest, retreat, and renewal. It’s time for deep contemplation but Cancer Moons also bring about security, family matters, and emotions. Remember, this is a dignified Full Moon, and for many, heightened awareness, intuition, and a strong desire to be by the home and hearth. Many of us can expect beginnings, and endings to take place in our lives, business partnerships, and promotions might take a setback, and domestic matters will have to be dealt with.

This energy always affects the U.S.A. and Great Britain, so expect them to make headlines in some way. Mother Nature will become active, and erratic with natural disasters, bad weather, earthquakes, and sudden or abrupt, forced relocations for some. With Mercury Rx in Capricorn, and the Full Moon in Cancer, misunderstandings are possible so make sure you have the whole picture before jumping to assumptions. Clarity is the key right now but also security, and spending time with family. As the saying goes “Home is where the heart is.”

Cancer Full Moons are about letting go of our past, and focusing on what the year ahead has to offer. This is an emotional moon, and we will feel that emotion from time to time within these next few weeks. This is where all souls with strong Cancer energy, Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Dragon head/tail in Cancer will feel its impact the most, and all water signs, and Capricorn too. Our intuition and our psyche are heightened, and many will feel a strong connection to Mother Earth and the Gaia energy.

Magickal Folk: Cancer Full Moons are one of the best energies for divination and psychic workings. Any sort of magic to manifest your dream home, housing or rental, buying, and selling real estate, is going to work well under this moon's energy. With the Cancer Moon at its strongest, and dignified in its luminary, any spell work for fertility matters is blessed. Cancer rules the womb, breasts, and stomach, and ritual work for the healing of those areas is blessed under these stars.

Happy Magic Making!

These next few weeks will bring lots of emotion but also lots of quiet, family time around the kitchen and home. Many of us will feel that the "Home and Hearth” is the safest place to be. On a more positive note; Cancer energy gets us in the mood to cook, bake and cater to family. Our domestic God/Goddess comes out and amazing things can be made in our kitchen at this time. Baking cookies, bread, and soups will create a feeling of comfort and warmth on these cold, dreary January days. This moon wants us to do nice things for others, and practice random acts of kindness. Wishing all of you a blessed Full Moon and be safe these next few weeks.


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