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Full Moon in Capricorn 7/4-5/2020

We go into the 4th of July celebration with a Full Moon @ 12:44 a.m. EDT in the karmic sign of Capricorn. The eclipse will begin on July 4 at 11:07 p.m. EDT and continue until July 5 at 1:52 a.m. EDT. South/West Europe, most of Africa, Most of North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica will all be able to view this. If you look at the time frame , the eclipse will happen directly within two hours of each other, making that energy overlap.This is a major energy shift, and it is right on the United States. Saturn(karma) moved back into Capricorn(politics) as of July 1,2020 and stays until Dec.17,2020. This means a shake up of some sort within the presidency or the election. Either way, there is a beginning and ending happening in politics of some sort.

Capricorn is the "Father of the Zodiac", also called the Devil at times. Ancient Astrology teaches us that; where ever you have Saturn and Capricorn in ones chart, you have the Devil particle. You must use its energy in the positive or as the saying goes"better to ride the Devil instead of the Devil riding you" Capricorn is all about business,career

work,accomplishments,stature,and public standings. Their motto is they either use or abuse. This sign is all about hard work and recognition for all of their efforts. The negative side to this sign is abuse of power, manipulation,creating fear, control, and diseases. This is the Illuminati! The more positive aspect is discipline,hard work, and loyalty. This energy will be felt the most by all Earth signs but especially, Capricorn, and those with a natal,hidden,rising,moon, or Sun sign in Capricorn.

Magickal Folk: I am never one to judge any ones magical path, do what thy will. Capricorn Full Moon's are usually about career, ambition,political matters,organization, and accomplishments. They are great for healing ailments of the bones,teeth,skin, and knees This Full Moon falls within a Lunar Eclipse, creating beginnings and endings,death and rebirth. I will be sitting and observing the lunar eclipse,light a candle and say a prayer for this country and the world. Many of use will be in high ritual on the 3rd instead of the 4th because lets face it,it is a loud, and noisy holiday. However you spend it, make magick happen.

Two week Full Moon Forecast by House and Sign:

Aries: Significant changes are coming to your career or personal developments. Issues with father figures, and your temper may flair with Mars stationed in Aries until 1/6/21,its governing sign. You will be more prone to aggression, at this time, so learn to have patience.

Taurus: Any plans you had for higher education, vacations, and connections to foreigners and foreign lands will all be postponed. The news will stress you out but you must make lemonade when life gives you lemons. Take home study courses, focus on you and with Uranus in Taurus until 2025 always expect the unexpected.

Gemini: Someones legacy might effect you personally. This is all about joint finances or corporate money, and sexuality. Depression is very common now so try to not indulge in any drugs or alcohol for it will blur your cosmic vision.

Cancer: Beginnings and endings will happen with a domestic partnership or even a business partnership Contracts are not favored at this time and more responsibility maybe expected of you.

Leo: Wake up calls with your health are very common now. Do not let your work put stress on your health. Time to get that check -up and start pampering yourself, Leo. A new job may be on the horizon. Stay positive!

Virgo: Beginnings and endings to your love life. Children might bring added chaos and drama at this time. Some of the news might be upsetting but you must remain strong and know life is a constant cycle of change.

Libra: Abrupt changes within the home or dealing with a difficult situation within the family circle. You may decide to move away and make changes.

Scorpio: This will put strain on your mental process, so keep your imagination in check. This will be the perfect time to take a short trip somewhere where there is water, and nature. Siblings may contact you with sad news. All the more reason to get away.

Sagittarius: Beginnings and endings with finances and money matters. you will have some set backs or have to spend against your will. Give it time, once Jupiter goes direct on Sept. 12,2020 , the money will start flowing again.

Capricorn: This is your Full Moon Cappy! The energy is right on you. Major changes are ahead in life. It will seem over whelming at first but you must go with the flow. A beginning and ending is happening within yourself. Lunar is internal, emotional, right on the souls purpose in life. Make those needed changes and progress forward. Make time for you!

Aquarius: The psyche is fragile now, beginnings and endings within the world of home, and career. Letting go of what no longer serves your greater good is in order. There is no future in your past...leave it there. Listen to your dreams,they will bring messages.

Pisces: Issues and problems with friends is likely. Some people come into our lives for a season or for a life time. Some friends and lovers will become problematic, and you will need to find that down time tore group, and re think things.

This Full Moon will be difficult for many.News about our government, civil unrest, something shocking heading for the political world, and chaos afoot. We must look at the positive.Capricorn is all about re organizing,re building, and maybe re build the nation. The good news is that ,there will be no more eclipses in Capricorn for another 29 years. Capricorn as received the brunt of things the past few years and better days are ahead for that sign.

Wishing everyone a very blessed Full Moon and 4th of July. Be safe, don't drink and drive and drink lots of water. Make plans for we have a beautiful New Moon in Cancer coming on July 20,2020. Something for all of us to look forward too.

Blessed Be

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