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Full Moon in Critical Virgo!

The Full Moon on February 19th @ 10:54 A.M est in the critical sign of Virgo. Earth signs like Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn will feel this energy the most but also souls born with a Dragon head/tail,moon, or ascendant in Virgo will feel it too. Virgo rules the 6th house of health and service to the world. It is organization, health and dieting,critical thinking, perfection and criticism. Virgos lesson is to remember "no one is perfect,not even them."

This weeks Full Moon energy will be all about your working life and the beginnings and endings that start. Try not to be too critical on yourself and others. Our mental process will be tested and will make us feed into hidden fears. Do not let that happen! Virgo Full Moon's want us to focus on our health. Joining a health club,diet program or better food and life choices are required.Its a great time to kick a bad habit like smoking or drinking. Do not sign anything now and wait for better stars. The weekend will end with drama,death and violence. Watch the news and be safe.

Your two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Health issues will be your focus and the beginning or ending of a new job is common. Try not to feed into the negative when it comes to your health, just take the needed steps for improving your general overall health.

Taurus: Children will bring added stress into your life at this time. Try not to be critical of your lover as this will cause added stress in the love sector.

Gemini: The domestic front and home life will have some drama and may make some members emotionally unstable. A move maybe in store in the near future.

Cancer: Your mental process will not be clear so don't let your imagination get the best of you. Sad news via mail,phone or email. Be strong!

Leo: Your finances will be effected in the next few week. Spend on what makes you feel good but show some discipline my lavish Leo's.

Virgo: This Full moon is right on you. Affairs of the heart and your business life might see some added stress at this time. Keep your snide comments in check and you will get thru this phase just fine.

Libra: Your past may come back to haunt you making your subconscious weak. Do not feed into any fears and listen to those dreams for they have messages.

Scorpio: Wishes will not come true at this time and deception is common with friends. New friends will be made in time but let go of the back stabbers.

Sagittarius: Career setbacks are possible. Travel plans might have to be cancelled or postponed. Better days are ahead and this energy will pass soon. Be patient!

Capricorn: Your studies will get you stressed out and plans may need to be changed.Foreigners will add stress to your life too. Deep breaths and pace yourself!

Aquarius: News of a death is common with this energy phase.Bad news ahead with financial investments,legacy's and inheritances. Be strong for this will pass soon.

Pisces: Issues with your domestic life or partnerships will bring stress. Its time to reassess and see whats working and whats not. Your relationship statues may go from taken to single very soon.

Happy Full Moon everyone. Remember, we end the week on a Plutonic phase making for a violent and deadly weekend where our men in blue will be very busy and some may lose their lives on the job. Terrorism,hidden secrets and death and drama will rule by the weekend. Stay safe and think twice before you speak or take action for this energy makes people become unhinged for very little reasons.Its dark energy!


Astrology Witch )O(

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