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Full Moon in Deadly Scorpio

This Full Moon will be in Scorpio on Monday, April 26,2021 @ 11:32 p.m. EDT. This is a deadly Full Moon where you will hear about all of mankind's evils on the news. We will hear about more police dying or killing, rapes, murders, terrorism, cyber crimes, the darkness reveals the secrets that come to light, and we usually have a rich and famous soul(s) leave this earth. Russia is a Scorpio nation, and will probably make more headlines. Each and every souls will feel the impact of this Full Moon by house and sign. These next few weeks are going to be challenging for all and Pluto is in control creating death, drama, rebirth, life, and transformation.

When we are in this energy phase it is always advised to speak less and observe more. Use any and all diplomacy when speaking to others. Lay low, stay out of large crowds, avoid being augmentative, check bank accounts, and credit cards for fraudulent activity and always keep your eyes on your children as this energy does rule sex trafficking's. Following a few simple Universal Laws will always save you in the end. Be safe out there!

Magickal Folk:

I don't need to inform my magickal community about how powerful this Moon is. In the realm of magick, Scorpio Full Moons are the most powerful and intuitive. Scorpio does rule witchcraft and metaphysics, and a strong cone of power can be generated on 26th. Ritual work for lust, and sexual matters, psychic energy, and having secrets revealed will work well under these stars. This is a time of transformation, divination(working with tarot, spirit boards, sprit boxes), and taping into the realm of the underworld. Rituals for ailments of the reproductive organs are also done at this moon phase. Raise that cone of power my fellow witches.

Two Week Forecast:

Aries: Life and death news or legacy is possible. Issues with investments, money, and finances in general. Stay strong for this energy too shall pass.

Taurus: You will have to reevaluate your business and domestic life. Problems will arise so communication is key and clean up is a must.

Gemini: Changes and added stress will hit you working life and your health. Its time to take care of yourself Gemini.

Cancer: This Full moon will bring stress from lovers and children. It would be best to regenerate with water(bubble bath, lake, stream, ocean) and know that this energy will pass in time. Be strong!

Leo: Many changes to the family dynamics and home front. It is a time to work on things around your home, and for family. Lay low and observe the energies around you.

Virgo: The mental process may become clouded and ungrounded. Your tact in communication is key. Sexual encounters could bring bigger problems later. Beware!

Libra: Your finances bring headaches as you will have to spend against your will. Stay positive and do not let this effect your psyche or self esteem.

Scorpio: This Moon is right on you Scorpio, and drama can and will find you. Just like the other water signs, regenerate with water, do not harbor dark thoughts and use your power for the greater good.

Sagittarius: Secrets may come to light that will make you sad and dreams will have meaning. Lest go of past mistakes and wait for the next New Moon for better days.

Capricorn: Wishes will not be granted now. Sad news may arrive about friends or some friends may leave your life. Be strong!

Aquarius: Issues with career can bring setbacks now. Do not show your upset in public. You are being watched so behave yourself and know this energy will pass.

Pisces: Foreigners may bring you stress and you will have to reschedule plans, trips, and higher education. Its a wake up call for you Pisces.

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All the water signs will feel this energy the most including souls born with a sun, moon, rising, or Dragon head/tail in Scorpio, along with Capricorn due to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.

Blessed Be!

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