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Full Moon in Gemini

This Full Moon is in Gemini on Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at 11:08 p.m. EST. Gemini is the ruler of the 3rd house, and Wednesday is Mercury Day. This is also sometimes called “The Messenger of the Gods.” This Full Moon promises to bring all things problematic in dealing with transportation, issues with accidents, travel delays, power outages, and communication; especially where politics is concerned since Mercury has moved into Capricorn as of December 6, 2022. That energy usually takes on a more political aspect; throw in a Mars Rx in Gemini and conversations could get heated in Washington D.C.

Gemini rules the postal service, FedEx, UPS, publications, writing, photography, media, and journalism. All of these things could make headlines in one way or another. Scandals can be exposed, and photos leaked. The media could be in the media, and gossip is very common too. It is best to remember that Full Moons are all about completing things or bringing situations or issues to an ending or a completion. The waning phase is a time to rest, regroup, plan, and prepare.

This Full Moon is perfect for taking short trips, especially into nature to ground and refocus. Journaling and writing are perfect for releasing, and can sooth one’s own mental clarity through personal journal writing. If photography is what you enjoy, use this opportunity to release stress and snap a few shots in the process. We also can experience a busy phone and text messages and hence, why you need to get away.

We all feel this Full Moon energy by house and sign but the signs that will feel this energy the most will be the Air Signs; Gemini, Aquarius, Libra and Sagittarius but also Moon, Ascending, and Dragons Head and Tail in Gemini will feel this energy too. And on December 19, 2022 Mercury goes Rx in Capricorn bringing old political issues back into the spotlight, again.

Magickal Folk: This Gemini Full Moon is perfect for working magick for manifesting new or used wheels. For better communication, writing a book, and all public relations. This is also the perfect time to make travel talismans, protection jars, or bags for your cars. Powerful spells can be cast to stop gossip about you. And healing rituals for ailments of the arms, hands, and shoulders. As well as lungs and respiratory system work well under Gemini energy. This is also a good time to make your own Gemini, Mercury, and transportation oils, and incents.

Happy Magick Making!

These next few weeks will be very stressful for many of us. The Holidays have us running around, here and there. Many of us are working longer holiday hours, and some, this time of year feel incredibly sad, and lonely. The Holidays aren’t the easiest for many of us. And as my kids say, “especially we woke people.”

As we progress forward these next few weeks there will be some days that will be full of family drama, death, and forced relocation. ********************will be the worst days but I would steer clear off Dec.****** I’m sure another shooting will happen or some sort of terrorist attack. Those dates are not the days to be in public, running errands. I make it a point to never do a lot of errands or shopping in those phases. Going to places with much less traffic will always serve you well on those negative windows. It’s best to work at home, and clean up around the house.

Patreon gets all the dates, and if you are interested in receiving those "Days of Caution," full forecasts, and other cosmic knowledge, including annual tarot readings then become a member today. I am running a special of $10 off the Mother Tier here: I have extended my special thru Dec.13 What a small price to pay for cosmic knowledge that will help you and your family. Knowledge is power

Be safe, and have a very blessed Full Moon.


Astro – Strega

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