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Full Moon in Gemini - 11/30/20

We have a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30,2020 @ 4:30 a.m. EST. The eclipse doesn't actually take place until 1:42 a.m. EST so any magick making on the evening of Nov.30 and into Dec.1st is fully blessed by the new energies at hand. Lunar, Full Moons are all about death and rebirth in a great many ways. The Moon goes dark, and

then light again, creating the perfect spell work for shadow working, transformations and bringing the darkness back to the light again. November will always represent the "The Shadow Month", were the veil is always the thinnest. Those born within three days before, and three days after the Lunar Eclipse will have the most significant impact on the soul. Where internal, and emotional changes will occur. However, souls born with a Sun. Moon, rising, Dragón or hidden in Gemini will feel the impact of this lunation too.

The Full Moon in Gemini is all about communication, short trips, writing, transportation, new wheels, and issues with communication, family and siblings in contact, and sometimes news that's not so positive. We will hear of issues with transportation, travel delays, and communication problems. Full Moons are all about completing things or bringing situations or issues to an ending. Where ever this planet resides, by house and sign, a death and rebirth is sure to follow in some way.

December 1,2020 Mercury, the planet of communication enters adventurous Sagittarius. Life will be more lighthearted, non-serious, and exciting. Souls born with this natal placement will possess traditional thinking. They will be critical thinkers, educated, and search for their facts through travel , and foreign lands. Their down fall is the codification of thought and believing what the good books say and nothing else.

The forecast for the next few weeks will have the most impact on Gemini/Sagittarius or souls born with a Sun, Moon, rising, Natal Dragon or hidden in Gemini.

Forecast by house and sign:

Aries: You will receive bad news via mail, phone or email. Do not let these things get you so worried that it makes you depressed. We all have lessons to learn this eclipse.

Taurus: Difficult news with money and finances. This is not the time to sign any contracts or do business until the next moon phase.

Gemini: Well Gemini, this energy is right on you and transformations are possible. The past may come back but you can leave it in the past and move forward. Progress is possible just lay low the next few weeks and plan your strategy.

Cancer: Do not fret over past mistakes. The mercurial energy in your 12th house may get you going, and dwelling on things you have no control over. Instead, listen yo your intuition , and your dreams...for they give meaning, and messages.

Leo: A friend or friends may bring trouble, worry or sad news. Social gatherings will not be blessed. Best to lay low the next few weeks and plan for the New Moon ahead.

Virgo: Changes with your career, social statues, and how the public views you will be in the spotlight. Its best to behave in public because they are watching.

Libra: Foreigners may bring sad news, and changes in plans with education and travel are common. Court and legal issues may arise at this time also.

Scorpio: Changes and lessons within the world of finances as your entire financial outline will have to be revamped ,and reevaluated. News of legacy or death is common so be strong.

Sagittarius: Tension, and misunderstandings with your domestic partnerships and even business affairs. Communication is key for full understanding.

Capricorn: Your health may be on your mind. Focus on better diet, exercise, and better work habits. Drink lots of water and don't let your work life stress you out. If it does, maybe a new job is in order.

Aquarius: Love, romance , and children will bring joy but also some added stress too. Keep communication open and things will go smoothly.

Pisces: Your home and domestic life will bring stress. Emotions will run high and a relocation or move is possible.

The next few weeks will be a stressful time where communication is the key to get through it all. The air signs will feel this eclipse energy the most, and must take that into consideration if the energy feels too intense. Getting to wide open spaces may clear your mind if it gets to intense.


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