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Full Moon in Gemini Forecast

The Full Moon in Gemini on Nov.22/23 @ 12:39 A.M. EST and 9:39 P.M. PST and we have Mercury retrograde,Gemini's ruling planet. Black Friday shopping will be chaotic,a nightmare,long lines,electronic problems, impatient people and frustration all around. Stay home and cyber shop! If you do shop,steer clear of electronics ,cell phones,computers, new cars, appliances and computer software. No matter how great the deal is,it will cause you disappointments later on. Mercury will go direct on Dec.6th and that's the green light on shopping for those things.

Gemini is the dashing, smooth talking charmer of the zodiac. His ruling planet is Mercury and is the Messenger of the Gods in Greek Mythology. The Thanksgiving table will be chatty and talkative. Keep conversation light and NO POLITICS! Since we are in a retro-grade, speak clearly so others understand you. This is a perfect energy for misunderstandings and confusion, so don't let things spin out of control.

The next few weeks will bring travel chaos,broadcasting issues,electronic problems, internet issues,communication problems and accidents of all sorts. This energy is directly on POTUS (he is Gemini w/ Dragons Head in Gemini) and in one lunar month will experience a very rough December even death if he isn't careful.

Your two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: This full moon impacts your communication and with Mercury retro-grade you better watch what you say or it will cost you. Sad news may come by mail and you're mental process will be out of sorts but this energy will pass in time.

Taurus: Money issues will arise and added expense is on the agenda. Do not sign any contracts or invest at this time. A few weeks to regroup and re-assess your house of money is needed. Self-esteem may be low at this time. Stay positive!

Gemini: The Full Moon is right on you, Gemini. You will experience added stress at this time and the past comes back into your life. With you're ruling planet, Mercury in retro-grade the universe is telling you to talk less and listen more.

Cancer: Your subconscious may bring added stress and worry and negative thinking will only make matters worse. Dreams are prophetic now and family may become a burden. This energy will pass so be strong.

Leo: You may feel like hibernating now as friends will not be an asset at this time. You will worry more about your true friends and learn who your "true friends" really are. Social gatherings may not be a top priority right now. This is a good time for retrospect dear Leo.

Virgo: Stress related to your career and how people see you may come up. Home life maybe stressful too. Take it one day at a time and have some patience.

Libra: Foreigners may bring added stress and sad news by phone or mail is coming. Trips will be postponed or rescheduled and you may have to wait for educational opportunities at this time.

Scorpio: You will heard about death and legacy,not just one but two. You finances die and rebirth now and reevaluation is needed in all areas of finance,insurance,taxes and joint money. Things will get better once the Sagittarius New Moon hits on Dec. 7th.

Sagittarius: Your domestic life will need reviewing. Added stress coming related to partnerships and contracts. Do not sign anything now and wait for the New Moon. Jupiter will bless you eventually. Be patient!

Capricorn: A wake up call is coming related to health and work. Time to take care of yourself Capricorn. We have a trifecta, not in our favor right now. Saturn,Pluto and Dragon tail all residing in Capricorn will make us accident prone and stressed. Take time for you my fellow sea goats.

Aquarius: Children will stress you out and affairs of the heart wont go well at this time. The next two weeks will test your patience.Your gonna need a lot of it. Be strong!

Pisces: Your immediate home life will be stressful and emotional. Moving maybe on the agenda. Don't worry so much as things always happen for a reason even when it doesn't seem like a blessing, it is.

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving too all.

Blessed Be!

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