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Full Moon in Gemini Forecast

The Gemini Full Moon on Dec.11/12 @ 12:12 a.m EST. This energy is all about communication, getting your point across to others,travel,transportation,postal service, and set backs and dangers of the metal process. This isn't a good time to purchase a new car(used is ok),phone or any electronic equipment and do expect delays with packages and mail.

The Full Moon energy can produce transportation issues of all sorts. There is a high probability of accidents at this time. This also brings many changes to publications,media, and even the postal service. The signs that will feel this energy the most will be the Air Signs Gemini,Aquarius, and Libra but also Moon, Ascending, and Dragons Head and Tail in Gemini will feel this energy pull.

Magickal Folk: Any magic for communication.writing, publishing, travel,public relations, and relocation are all blessed under this energy. Healing ailments of the arms, hands, lungs, and shoulders is very good in this Full Moon energy.

Your Forecast by house and sign:

Aries: You will experience sad news via the mail,email,or phone. Communication with siblings and family may make you depressed. Travel plans maybe postponed.,

Taurus: Added expenses and financial issues arise.Self esteem is low. Better days ahead in a few weeks.

Gemini: This Full moon is right on you. Stress from your job or even your past.Don't let this energy become burdensome. Sign nothing now,rest,retreat, and get some much needed personal time .

Cancer: This is a stressful Full Moon. Your dreams will bring messages now. You may experience added stress to your domestic surroundings. Let go of the past and search out spiritual endeavors.You wont regret it!

Leo: Your friends will bring added stress to your life. Your wishes will not be granted at this time. New adventures or endeavors will make you worry but if those adventures were conjured in good stars, then you have nothing to worry about.

Virgo: Stress to your career,public standing,accomplishments, and the home front will bring a touch of chaos.Its best to keep a low profile at work but do enjoy the holiday festivities with family and forget about work for awhile. Nature is calling!

Libra: Trips and studies may have to be postponed. Depressing news may come via email,snail mail or phone. Be strong!

Scorpio: Joint finances will be on the agenda.The way you make money might change now. inheritance,legacy, and death news will make you sad. Hang in there!

Sagittarius: Issues with domestic partners,business associates and foreigners is possible. Traveling is not advised now, unless travel plans where made in good stars.

Capricorn: Lots of changes heading your way in 2020 Capricorn. This Full Moon wants you to focus on better health,work and letting go of the negative. Its time to think of your needs now and your well- being.

Aquarius: Love and children matters will be irritating now.Added stress will be brought in these areas. Have patience and take some deep breaths.

Pisces: Dramatic changes are coming to your home and family sector.Added stress and emotions will be high. Relocation,moving or redecorating will be on the agenda.

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