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Full Moon in Leo 2/5/23

We have a Leo Full Moon on Sunday, February 5, 2023, at 1: 29 p.m. EST. The Full moon falls on a Sunday which Leo governs so the Leo energies are stronger and will make us want to see movies, concerts, plays, or even sporting events. This is also called a Snow Moon or Hunger Moon because of the scarcity of food during the winter. It is a time to look forward to the last six weeks of winter, and enjoy the days getting longer. This is also the time to listen to the silence of winter as answers always come in the deep silence and stillness of winter.

Leo's energy makes many of us joyful, indulgent, hedonistic, and ready to party. It's a very fiery, pleasure-seeking, and entertainment-seeking placement. This energy rules the 5th house of love, romance, creativity., children, and the heart. This is the perfect time to deal with affairs of the heart, children issues, leadership roles, tapping into your creative side, and successful endings as we enter the waning Moon phase. It is also about tapping into our inner child, letting our hair down, and being a kid again. The negative here would be to watch over the children carefully after the Full Moon, especially when we go into a Plutonic Phase in mid-February.

Things will take on a more negative tone, days after the Full Moon, and love relationships could become strained, and argumentative, and some will break up. Our children could bring added stress and drama into our lives, and creative vision might have to wait. The headlines will bring sad news involving children, and sex trafficking operations could get exposed too. All fire signs feel the stress of this Full Moon's energy and Venus squares Mars the same day making the art of compromise an uphill battle.

Mercury, the Lord of communication, moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on Feb. 11 and communication becomes less severe and structured, more innovative, curious, technical, and a little eccentric. Communication will be all about humanity, strong mental clarity, and new ideas. You might even hear a lot more about blockchain technology too.

I am pleased to report that we are out of retrograde season, and all planets are direct for a few months. Many have noticed themselves feeling like their selves again, with more energy, clarity, and drive. The next retrograde happens in April so we have a few months to enjoy.

Magickal Folk

Leo Full Moons are perfect for conjuring up spells for love, strength, dominance, children, power, and pleasure. Love and lust spells, protection of children is very strong, childbirth, and ailments of the back, spine, or heart, including mending a broken heart are all blessed for magick under these stars. Also spells for bearing children and fertility, even though Leo is considered a barren sign it rules children and can be very powerful in spells for this purpose. Also, this full moon falls on a Sunday, and Leo governs the Sun. Sundays are a perfect day for abundance and achievement spell work, as well as heavy-duty protection and wards to shield you or the children from chaos.

These next few weeks will be challenging for all but this Leo full moon energy will affect all Leos, Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius the most along with a Dragon head, tail, moon, or rising sign in Leo. All fire signs will need to regroup, plan, and refocus.

The news will bring awful headlines regarding children, crimes of passion, and jealousy and it will be at its worst in mid-February, around the 11th. Patreon has the entire list of dates. Watch your children closely during this time, and do not take your eyes off them as this phase will bring child abductions, kidnappings, and assaults on them. This Plutonic phase hunts for the children and it is imperative to watch over them and keep them safe.

Aeronautic and space disaster troubles are going to be common around February 17/18/19 and not the time to fly or travel, Mother earth becomes active too and could send an earthquake, eruption, explosion, tsunami, and insane weather our way. There is the possibility of shocking news to be expected and even the weird, strange, and bizarre can make headlines. Asia makes headlines and so do E.T.s and UFO activity. The stars could give you a show these next few weeks.

This world that we live in is a very ugly place right now and is filled with hate, jealousy, racism, fear, indoctrination, untruths, and any lack of rational thought. We are witnessing all the negative the Scorpio Dragons tail has to offer with more headlines coming about police brutality, sex crimes, and full exposure of high-profile people.

These next few weeks are a time to lay low, do clean up, regroup, and make plans for the beautiful new moon arriving in Pisces on February 21, 2023. Having compassion and kindness for others will also go a long way. Sometimes a random act of kindness or even a simple compliment can make a world of difference for another human being. If we want to get through this paradigm shift we must change our consciousness from worldly to cosmic.

I also have launched my "Crypto Basics 101" course (designed for those with no knowledge or very little knowledge about the digital currency world) and how it operates. I also include an astrological perspective as this has been written in the stars for a long, long time. May of 2023 is when all of this begins to become public. They are already setting things up behind the scenes. I have done all the research for you to prepare you for a cashless society and the warnings about CBDC. My course is over an hour long and is on sale at 20% off here: Use code: TIKTOK20

Knowledge is Power!

Be safe and have a blessed full moon.

Astro - Strega

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