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Full Moon in Libra 3/20/19

The Full Super moon in Libra happens at 9:43 PM EDT. I call it a triple play since we have a Full moon, Spring Equinox, and sign change from Pisces into Aries. Rebirth season is here and a 48 hr. period of balance between day,night and the energies of Libra (Moon) and Aries(Sun).The days get longer, and warmer. Flowers are in bloom, birds are busy and Mother Earth seems to come back to life. However, with the universal energy in Capricorn,winter will leave like a lion in some parts of the world.

This Full Moon is all about partnerships,relations,legal issues and contracts. Some changes,beginnings, and endings will be somewhat emotional, but things happen for a reason and for the betterment of life,even if you can't see that yet. The air signs will feel this energy the most and those with strong Libra/Venus in their chart. Sign nothing at this time. Take this time to do things that require more peace and harmony. Venus rules art so get painting,drawing,re-decorating, re-grouping, and focus on balancing yourself and your environment. Resolution of conflicts is perfect at this time as it brings a peaceful aspect to things, but just remember Mercury is still retro-grade so make sure both understand one another.

Your two week forecast:

Aries: Your emotional,domestic and business life might become intense now. Dramatic changes are needed. Take these next few weeks to reflect before acting upon.

Taurus: Your health needs some TLC and your working environment could be the culprit. Worry less and meditate more.

Gemini: Stress in your love life and issues with your kids may stress you out. Just go with the flow!

Cancer: Stress to the home environment and general security may make you sad. Things will be better soon.

Leo: Siblings may bring stressful news, communication must be clear at this time, Do not take any trips now or postpone them.

Virgo: A financial expense might arise now. The next few weeks will be trying, but you will get through it and a positive New Moon is ahead.

Libra: This energy is right on you and your emotions will be all over the place. New friends and lovers is possible.

Scorpio: Don't feed into negative thoughts or the wrong people. Your subconscious is vulnerable now so listen to your intuition and your dreams.

Sagittarius: Fake friends may stab you in the back now and leave your life.Wishes will not be granted right now. Positive changes are ahead!

Capricorn: Possible change in career,commitments or public standing. This is all very good in the long run.

Aquarius: Plans and trips will be cancelled. Educational endeavors will have to be put on hold.Wait until the next New Moon ,then progress forward.

Pisces: Possible legacy will touch you directly and issues with joint money and finances might happen. Be strong!

Wishing everyone a Blessed Full Moon! Check out my weekly forecast for more dates and warnings here:

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