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Full Moon in Libra 4/16/22

We have a Full Moon on April 16, 2022 @ 2:55 p.m. EDT in the diplomatic sign of Libra. This energy is all about partnerships, alliances, contracts, justice, laws, and the balance of the scales. Many of us will be experiencing endings within our own domestic and business life. The key is to keep things balanced and harmonious. Do not sign any contracts, travel, or start up any new projects at this time.

This Full Moon will bring many challenges for the U.S.A and its security. All air signs, Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius will feel this energy the strongest, and anyone born with a moon, rising or Dragon head/tail feel this dramatically, by house and sign.

Unfortunately, this beautiful Full Moon in Libra will only last a few hours. The Plutonic energy will infiltrate and brings its reign of terror for several days. Watch the news to see what I mean. The stars are always positive and negative, and these next few weeks will bring more sadness and sorrow, both in the states and abroad.

On a more positive note, we will relate more to those closest to us. Many of us will focus on the emotional side of things that bring insight into situations. We must keep this energy balanced, not matter how depressing the news becomes. The scales must remain balanced or we will feel the ungrounded energy. Be strong these next few weeks!

Magickal Folk: Libra Full Moons are perfect for court and justice magick. Anything dealing with artistic endeavors, partnerships, and unions. Healing rituals for ailments of the kidneys, and lower back do well under these stars.

These next few weeks are in more diplomatic energy with Libra in charge, and I’m hoping a better line of communication can happen within the Ukraine/Russia war and our own domestic, political problems here in the states. However, a Plutonic phase directly follows the Full Moon giving reservation to any sort of peace. And lets not forget that Putin is a Libra and the Scorpion Dragon is affecting his 2nd house of wealth, finance, and his own personal ego and self -esteem.

Be Safe and blessings!

Astro - Strega

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