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Full Moon in Libra Forecast

We have a beautiful Libra Full Moon on Sunday, March 28 @2:48 p.m. EDT. Libra is all about peace, balance and harmony. Her ruling planet is Venus (Goddess of love). This energy brings anything dealing with diplomacy, legal news, indecisiveness, laws, justice, marriage, divorce, and bringing things to fruition and completion. Libra Full Moon's are usually around the time of the Spring Equinix and bring an energy for balance just like the days that are at even strength, we should fined that balance and harmony within ourselves. The air signs will feel this energy the most (Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini) and souls born with a Sun, Moon, rising or Dragons head or tail.

Last year we had some added planetary energy of air planets, and this is year is no different. We have Jupiter(luck) in Aquarius until May 13,2021, and Saturn (politics and karma) is in Aquarius until March 23,2023, and Mars(action) is in Gemini, the sign of communication until April 23,2021. Last year we had a trifecta of air energy, and this year is similar except for Saturn which was in Capricorn last year at this time. Its a strong Air energy for sure, and many of us will become more curious, inquisitive, and seek out the truth. The Sun is in Aries and this Full Moon will complement the balance of energies.

Magickal Folk: Libra Full Moon's are all about spell work for unions, marriage, partnerships, diplomacy, justice, court cases, and working on emotional, karmic and spiritual situations. Healing rituals of the kidneys and lower back are all blessed under these stars. After tonight, the Moon is waning and best to rid and release what doesn't serve you anymore.

Days of Caution for March 30/31 and April 1st, 2021: The universe moves into a Plutonic energy phase where death,drama and destruction take control. Just like last week with the Day Spa shootings this energy is 10x stronger. Anytime we move into this energy, expect Russia news, death of rich and famous, cyber crimes, sex crimes, police news, CIA,FBI, and all of us, as humans, always experience drastic changes in our own lives. Wake up calls are certain for many. This is not the time to be adventurous, and stay away from large crowds, events, and establishments.

Your Two Week Forecast:

Aries: Major changes ahead in your domestic life. Your business life might get a sudden change as well. Go with the flow and realize that change is good, for it brings progress. Sign contracts after the New Moon.

Taurus: You need to make some changes in your work sector. Unhappy working environments will make for health issues, and added stress. Its time to take care of yourself, Taurus. Make time for you!

Gemini: Children might add some stress to your life, and matters of the heart take on some drama too. This energy will past but you will have to deal with uncomfortable situations for the next few weeks. You could become a magnet to other air signs.

Cancer: Dramatic changes are ahead in your home life. Relocation, moving, selling or even buying are on the agenda. Do not commit until after the next New Moon is in progress. Go with the flow and don't stress!

Leo: Communication will be busy. Siblings may be more demanding now, and negative news is ahead via mail, email or phone call. These next few weeks are a time to focus on what brings you balance and harmony.

Virgo: Your finances will need to be reviewed. Finding ways to save money will be beneficial in the end. You may have added expenses these next few weeks but you will make back what you have lost in the future.

Libra: This Full Moon is right on you Libra. Changes are needed in your life to progress forward. These next few weeks are a time to regroup, reanalyze your self, and your needs. Release the things that bring stress and strife into your life, move forward, and bring balance and harmony into your life. Peace is upon you!

Scorpio: Your subconscious will be working overtime these next few weeks. Try to focus on the positive and release the negative, as there is no future in past mistakes. Dreams will bring messages and you must listen to them, just don't dwell on the past. Progress forward with positive thoughts and manifestations.

Sagittarius: Possible sad news ahead in regards to friends and friendships. The next few weeks will bring stress with friends and social engagements. Dreams will not be granted now, and you will have to wait for better stars in two weeks to advance forward. Life is a learning lesson now!

Capricorn: Your career is stagnant and change is needed. These next few weeks are a time to plan and make changes. You will be under the microscope of the public eye so do behave in public.

Aquarius: Plans will have to be changes or postponed within the world of travel or higher learning. Laws, and court issues may need to be dealt with in order for progress to be made. Use these next few weeks to find balance and harmony because a lot of planets are residing right on you and you must ground, and center before moving forward.

Pisces: You will be more dependent on joint finances at this time. Taxes, inheritance and legal matters regarding a will or trust might occupy your attention. News of a death may touch you personally, so be strong. The next few weeks tours the darkest house of the zodiac and is testing your strength. Be strong!

The next few weeks will bring its challenges. With "Days of Caution" on the horizon, hope for the best but expect the worst. This Libra energy is all about balance, harmony, and peace, and even in a waning phase, we ALL can send that energy to one another for the will of man is so much stronger then the stars. Think peaceful thoughts, conjure balance and harmony into our lives, and go with the flow. Be safe and blessed be.

Full Moon in Libra Prayer for peace:

Linda (Astro-Strega)

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