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Full Moon in Libra Forecast 4/7/20

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

We have a Libra Full Moon on Tuesday, April 7,2020 @ 10:35 p.m EDT. This is also called the Pink Moon or Grass Moon because of the herb,moss pink. This also represents the magickal stone, Rose Quartz (pink). This stone is used for peace,harmony,universal love,self love, and unconditional love. Libra is balance and harmony,combined with her ruling planet, Venus(Goddess of love). I will show you how to do a Full Moon prayer using this magickal stone.

The Full Moon in Libra is all about diplomacy, legal news, indecisiveness, balance, harmony, bringing things to fruition and competition, and bringing the darkness to light. .This Full Moon is illuminated by the Aries Sun bringing a balance between Fire and Air. This does not mean we will not hear about accidents,violence and unplanned events for many. The most positive aspect of this placement is the Air trifecta. With Mars, the planet of action now in New Age Aquarius as of 3/31/20, and Venus,Goddess of love in flirty and curious Gemini as of 4/3/20 and a Full Moon in Libra on 4/7/20 our communication skills and mental process will be on higher vibrations. The air signs will feel this energy the most (Libra,Aquarius, and Gemini).

We have "Days of Caution" for April 8/9/10. We move into deadly Plutonic energy. The most positive thing I can say is, do not feed fear,follow the laws, stay home, and enjoy your solitude. This energy will bring death,drama, chaos, more cyber crimes,police issues, famous people dying or being infected, and negative energy all around. The next few days will impose a significant death toll upon the world,and U.S.A. We will have to be strong, and know that the future has better to offer all of us. A purge is happening of the innocent,ignorant, heroic, and the fragile. However, the ongoing "Global Meditations" are creating an intense energy grid of light at the moment. A rebirth of the world is happening and we are all apart of this collective energy.

Magickal Folk: Libra Full Moons are all about spellwork for justice,court cases, marriage,partnerships, mental enhancement, spiritual and emotional balance. Rituals for health issues pertaining to the kidneys and lower back will have power.

In honor of the Pink Moon and a subtle hint to embrace the energy of "Rose Quartz" which represents universal love,tranquility,feelings of peace,friendship, internal healing, and self -love. Light a white or pink candle, anointed with blessing oil ,sage oil, arch angel oil or a harmony oil ,like Libra oil. Burn incense to correlate with what you want to bring into yourself and for others, and manifest it out into the heavens. Say a pray for your self,family,friends,universal healing and more love and compassion for each other. So mote it be!

Full Moon Forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Changes will be imposed on you within the house of marriage, and domestic restructuring. Business life will see changes too.Wait until the New Moon to take action.Now is the time to plan for the future.

Taurus: These next few weeks will make you more intune with your health and employment matters. Focus on better health and less stress. Try not to feed into negative thoughts.

Gemini: Children and lovers will create stress in your life and dramatic changes are coming in these areas of life.

Cancer: Subconscious fears of security and home life may get you feeling blue. The home might be an emotional place for a few weeks. better days are ahead. Think positive!

Leo: Communication and mental process will be the focus. Choose your words wisely as you get more with honey, then vinegar.

Virgo: Money and wealth will be your main focus. You may have to spend on an expected expense. Don't worry, the next New Moon in Taurus will be better.

Libra: This is your Full Moon Libra! You will either find strength or feel defeated. Friends will be there to help build you up. Positive changes are ahead.

Scorpio: You can be your own worst enemy right now. Feed the subconscious mind with positive,listen to dreams, and keep secrets you have unfolded quite for now.

Sagittarius: Wishes will not be granted at this time and some of your friends and acquaintances may leave. New friends will be entering in time. Stay positive!

Capricorn: Career and accomplishments maybe on the back burner for now. Time to focus on learning new skills. This will only improve your career and business life of climbing that mountain to success.

Aquarius: Studies and trips will have to be postponed or even cancelled. Sad news coming from foreigners and foreign lands. It will get better on the next New Moon phase so stay positive.

Pisces: There may be disagreements where joint money is held.Issues with taxes and investments might bring added stress. Possible news of legacy or death. Try and stay grounded and positive thru these trying times we live in.

Wishing everyone a very blessed ,safe, and healthy Full Moon. Stay positive and Blessed Be!

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