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Full moon in Pisces 9/10/22

The Pisces Full Moon, also called the Corn Moon is on Saturday, September 10, 2022 @ 5:59 a.m. EDT. It's a moon full of mystery, intention, emotion, spiritual connections, dreams and psychic awareness. On its negative it is water issues, flooding, oil, Middle East issues, religion, addiction, drugs, alcohol, and depression. It also represents illusions, and delusions. This is where the soul must do some serious grounding, and protection, especially if one is sensitive to the spirit world or has strong Neptunian energy or Pisces placements within their own star chart.

Any time we move into artistic, musical, dreamy Pisces, we tend to see things with rose colored glasses, especially when Mercury is retrograde. This is where we face our illusions and can fall into a state of regret, despair and depression. Some Neptunian souls fall into their addictions at this time, while others tap into their deep subconscious mind. Those with misguided direction usually choose drugs and alcohol and others tap into divination and the 12 house of spirituality.

Anytime a Pisces Full Moon is at hand it is wise to steer clear of any and all drugs, legal or illegal due to the emotional state of our own psyche under these stars. This energy is where our vises and escapism can get us. Pisces is Neptunian energy, and it's all about religion, the church, drugs, oil, alcohol, addictions, Middle East issues, hospitals, jails or prisons. Its water energy and therefore rules water, floods, tsunamis and all about staying high enough or in a dream state, to forget the cold harsh reality of life a.k.a....escapism.

Pisces in the more positive energy is all about lucid dreams, music, prayers, the arts, books, clairvoyance, divination, higher conciseness, swimming to the light, psychic energy, the 12th house of the subconscious mind, and divine wisdom. Drinking herbal teas, eating whole foods, meditation, exercise, and staying as grounded as possible is advised under this elusive Moon. This celestial placement can effect, and will affect souls sensitive to the Pisces Moon energy. So Sun, Moon, Ascending, Dragons head/tail in Pisces will all feel the repercussions of this energy, both positive and negative, depending on one's stars. And so will Capricorns due to their own metaphysical fish tail.

This Full Moon is the perfect time to call upon Arch Angel Sandalphon when searching for peace, soothing music, deeper meditation, stronger connections to the divine, prayers of healing to fellow brothers and sisters, stronger spiritual paths, connecting to your psychic self, and Sandalphon is the Arch Angel that will send your prayers straight to the heavens.

Magical Folk: The Pisces Full Moon is one of the most psychic, and clairvoyant. This is the perfect time to work magick from dreams, divination, and telepathy, working on psychic abilities, clairvoyance, music and the creative arts. Healing rituals for the feet, and lymph glands are also blessed now. Regenerate with water. Water has memory and when emotions are high and depression sets in…water can heal.

Pisces Moon energy can be very deceptive or it can bring amazing psychic visions. The energy is against all of us for a few weeks, so make the best of this lunitation, and steer clear of any chemical substances, including booze as they will blur your vision to higher consciousness, and make us more depressed and ungrounded. Many over doses and suicides have happened under these stars. Know the energy will pass. Be safe!

Have a very blessed Full Moon.

Astro –Strega

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