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Full Moon in Pisces Sept.13,2019

Pisces is a very complex sign.The oldest of the zodiac. This energy will have it's positive and negative effects. Any time we are dealing with a Full Moon in the religious sign of Pisces we will hear of global unrest. Our perception is more cloudy and some what dreamy now. Drugs, alcohol, and addiction issues are common now. This is not a good time to drink or take drugs. Religion will take a hit, flooding,and drownings might make headlines. Hospitals,jail,institutions, suicidal thoughts,water,depression,deception,illusions and delusions are all the negatives Pisces brings,along with possible chaos over seas in Middle East and with religious nuts willing to die and kill others for their beliefs.

The more positive side of Pisces is music,the arts, pedicures and foot massages.Pisces rules the spiritual realm and the underworld and our ancestors. Many of us will have major break thoughts thru the 12th house energy and hidden secrets and forbidden knowledge can be found now. This is a great time to see your spiritualist,astrologer, mystic, or psychic. however, this is also a time where charlatans come out to feast on the naive Neptune souls. If you are looking for a psychic,or someone who can speak to the dead, please contact me for I know the real from the fake for its written in their stars if they have gifts or not.

This is an excellent time to rid yourself of the habits that serve you no purpose any more. Tap into your higher consciousness now and give the body a rest from booze,cigarettes,pot, fast foods, and drugs. Use this high spiritual Pisces energy to meditate,do yoga, listen to beautiful music, juice, fast and flush your system with what else....H2O!

Your Forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Try not to let past mistakes and depression set in. These next few weeks are a time to look deep within as see how you can learn from the past and progress forward.

Taurus: Social issues might become bigger problems and a friend might stab you in the back. Don't be a magnet for deceitful people.

Gemini: Challenges involving your career and accomplishments. Be patent and wait for the New Moon on Sept.28.

Cancer: Not a good time to go against the law.Foreigners may bring stress and plans and studies will be postponed.

Leo: Some drama may be coming your way.Issues with joint finances and news of someone passing is common. Be strong.

Virgo: Problems on the domestic front and change is needed with partnerships. Do not sign any contracts after the Full will regret it later.

Libra: Health issues arise due to work related stress. Kick back and put your feet up. Relaxation is key.

Scorpio: Your world of love, romance and children will need attention. If ignored the problems will just get bigger.

Sagittarius: Stress related to home and family. Real estate matters are possible. Moving maybe on the agenda.

Capricorn: Bad news coming by mail,phone or internet. Avoid depression by getting into nature or water. Do not medicate yourself with booze or drugs.

Aquarius: Financial issues bring added stress.Focus on what you need over what you want and be practical about it.

Pisces: This energy is right on you and against you too. The next two weeks Pisces will be tested.

Have a blessed Full Harvest Moon. The next few weeks will be trying for many of us.We can look forward to a beautiful Libra New Moon on Sept.28th to make things right again.

Check out my weekly forecast here:

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