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Full Moon in Pisces Sept.20,2021

What can I say.....I am one of those souls that just loves a Pisces Full Moon. Also called the Corn Moon, it's a moon full of mystery, intention, emotion, spiritual connections, dreams and psychic awareness. On its negative it is water issues, oil, Middle East issues, religion, addiction, drugs, alcohol, depression. illusions, and delusions. This is where the soul must do some serious grounding, and protection, especially if one is sensitive to the spirit world or has strong Neptunian energy.

The Full Moon is in Pisces on Monday, September 20,2021 @ 7:55 p.m. EDT. Any time we move into artistic, musical, dreamy Pisces, we tend to see things with rose colored glasses, and this is where we face our illusions, misguided direction and can fall into a state of regret, despair and depression. Some Neptunian souls fall into their addictions at this time, while others tap into their deep subconscious mind. Anytime a Pisces Full Moon is at hand,, it is wise to steer clear of any and all drugs ,legal or illegal due to the emotional state of our own psyche under these stars. Drinking herbal teas, eating whole foods, meditation, and staying as grounded as possible is advised under this elusive Moon.

Pisces is all about our deep subconscious mind. Ruler of the 12th house of secrets, occult matters, hidden knowledge but also hidden enemies too. This is a time when ALL of us must pay attention to our inner voice, our intuition, and our dreams. Do not self doubt what you are feeling at this time. Journal it, meditate on it, manifest it, and make your own dreams happen. Plan now and take action when the Moon goes new again on October,6,2021 in Libra.

All March born souls, Sun, Moon, rising, and Dragons head or tail (North and South nodes of the Moon) will fell this energy the most. Let is not forget that we have four planets all in retro grade. Lets begin with Jupiter (Lord of Luck and abundance) making us rethink our money. Rx from June 20-October 18 in Pisces/Aquarius. Then we have Saturn (planet of karma ,restrictions, and discipline) in Aquarius and Rx from May 23,2021 - October 10,2021. Then there is Neptune in Pisces, its governing sign, (which makes us take off those rose colored glasses, psychic overload, and face reality). from June 25,2021 - December 1,2021. Last but not least is Uranus, the rebel (time to face fears, tap into your intuition, make progressive changes) from August 18,2021 - January 18,2022 in Taurus. We shall all breath a sigh of relief, and lessons learned once these planets all go direct.

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There are always positive and negatives to Pisces Full Moons. On the negative, it can make many of us sleepy, dreamy, and in a fog or mess with our psyche, and create depression, fears and instability. On its positive, it can be a time of deep insight, intuition, lucid dreams, and divination. Uranus in Rx is giving all of us the power to have deeper intuition. Use it to your own advantage. Be safe and blessings.

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