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Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius on Saturday, June 3, 2023, at 11:42 p.m. EDT. This Full Moon is also called the Strawberry Moon or Rose Moon because back in the day it was all about the Solstice season and The Strawberry harvest. This is also where the days begin to get shorter and the harvest season is upon us. The energy is ripe and full of life and we, as humans, need to get outside in the sunshine, be active, and enjoy the longer days that are given to us.

Sagittarius is considered the truth seeker of the zodiac and rules higher learning, teaching, traveling, foreigners, foreign lands, and religion. This sign also rules laws, courts, and justice, seeking out the truth, the animal kingdom, our pets, and the indigenous of the land.

Anytime there is a full moon in Sagittarius there is always the possibility of disturbing news from foreign lands and the animal kingdom. This is also an indicator of religious values, and dogmatic views being imposed on others, the Pope/Vatican makes headlines, as do other religious groups, and not in a good way. The downfall to this energy will be arrogance, overconfidence, and being downright obnoxious, boastful, and prideful.

Wherever this sign hits your own personal chart, you will experience its energies too. The world will see more and more people impose their religious virtues, and beliefs to the general public. Changes usually come within the world of religion, laws, and justice. So expect more Court Justice news. The more positive aspect of this energy is to get out in the open air, wide open spaces, and feel and breathe in the fresh air and freedom it gives you.

These next few weeks are a time to reflect, make plans for the future, and get those pets their vet check-ups. Unfortunately, this energy can produce the crossing over of our beloved pets too. This is also not the time to bring any new pets home as you just might get a sick or unhealthy animal…wait for the new moon to purchase any new animals.

Magical Folk

Full Moon in Sagittarius Magick is usually focused on healing and safety spells for our pets, safe travel spells, legal and court spellwork, manifesting opportunities in higher education, and truth spells work very well under these stars. Any Healing spells for the lower back, liver, hips, and thighs, are blessed now.

Happy Manifesting!

The next few weeks will be very eventful with news of foreign issues and tragedies, Vatican news, The Pope, and more issues with court justices, courts, laws, religion, and the animal world that can make headlines. Be prepared for something shocking to occur around June 7th in the realm of Uranic energy.

We will see the negative side of Sagittarius in souls with excessive gambling and drinking, heads buried in the sand, refusing to seek out truth, arrogance, prideful, and some will be downright obnoxious to the point where people will just run away from these souls. Souls born with a strong Sagittarius Sun, Moon, Ascending, Dragons head/tail, All Fire signs, and Geminis will feel this Full Moon the strongest.

These next few weeks are for learning deeper metaphysical knowledge, seeking the deep, dark truths, teaching others higher consciousness, learning about other cultures, and tending to our four-legged fur babies. Get out into the wide open space of nature, as it is required on this moon. Oh ya, get out some popcorn too as there will be more drama in Washington D.C. in the weeks to come. Be safe and have a blessed Full moon.

Astro - Strega

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