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Full Moon in Sagittarius June 14

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 14, 2022

We have a Full Moon in truth seeking, Sagittarius on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 @ 7:52 a.m. EDT. With Gemini moving into its governing sign, Mercury as of the 13th, this can mean a lot of communication on the political and financial spectrum. Some will make good talking points, and others will just talk out their asses, aimlessly with this energy. It also means we will become social butterflies, full of fun, adventure, good conversation, and a bit flirtatious too. All Leo's, Aries, and Sagittarians will be very magnetic, and souls born with a Moon, Sun, rising, natal or hidden Dragon in Sagittarius will feel this energy the most.

Sagittarius is considered the truth seeker of the zodiac, and rules higher learning, and education. This sign rules laws, courts, court justices, and their laws. It’s all about learning, teaching, traveling, foreigners, and foreign lands and even religion. Sagittarius also rules the animal kingdom, our pets, and the indigenous of the land.

These next few weeks will be filled with all sorts of judicial court news, insurrection news, and their decisions, Supreme Court news, politician news, and gun control laws. Sad and even distressing news may arrive from abroad and even the animal community makes headlines. The Vatican could make headlines along with religious institutions, and not in a good way.

Since this sign is the truth seeker, and this Scorpio Dragons tail is the harbinger of exposing and bringing secrets to light, expect shocking news to prevail a few days after the full moon and for the next few weeks. And I know these past few weeks have all taken a toll on our psyche as a nation. When I said “Of all Dragons, I fear the Scorpio one the most,” there was a significate reason as to why I said it. And the world at large is experiencing its relentlessness and we haven’t even reached the zenith of this energy yet.

Magickal Folk: Sagittarius moons are perfect for any court case spell work to work in your favor. Publication spells, and protection and healing spells for our animals, protection spells for safe travels, and truth spells work quit nice too. Rituals for healing of ailments of the lower lumbar, back, liver, hips and thighs are good. Happy Magik Making!

I would love to say these next few weeks will be filled with happiness and joy but unfortunately, that is not the case. Sagittarius always brings court hearings and trials such as “The Insurrection Hearings,” religious scandals, and issues with laws and justice will take center stage. Not to mention that Donald trump himself is operating in his negative Dragon Days and as the days unfold these next few weeks, he will not be in good standings with the general population and many will be on the wrong side of history.

Let us also take into consideration that the U.S.A. is on its Pluto return, and Pluto always brings the end of karmic cycles and the end of empires. The Pluto (death and drama) in Capricorn (conservative doctrines) isn’t going down without a fight. Hence why we see a fight on Roe v. Wade, a draconian approach to religious viewpoints women’s bodies, and, a simpleton view point of how America should proceed forward.

I said the 1st year of this Pluto return for the U.S.A. would be at its worst, and once Pluto moves into futuristic, progressive Aquarius on March 24, 2023 it will be a conservative’s nightmare as Pluto in Aquarius tears down the old belief systems, indoctrinations, and prejudice that have reigned for the past 250 years in the United States. A more progressive and futuristic view point will prevail in the next 15 years to come, once Aquarius moves into Pluto.

Be safe these next few weeks.

Blessings Linda

Astro- Strega

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