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Full Moon in Scorpio Forecast

We have a powerful, and magical Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7, 2020 at 6:45 a.m EDT. This is the time to tap into your witchcraft residue, secrets are revealed,metaphysical knowledge, death, drama, transformations, beginnings, endings , rebirth, sex and intimacy. Where ever Scorpio is placed in ones chart, you will feel this energy by house, and sign.

Many call this Full Moon the "wake up call Moon" due to its intense energy. The next few weeks will not be easy for many of us. These are trying times, and this energy will test us to the limit. This would be the best time to observe more , and speak less. Keep your emotions, and anger in check because this isn't the energy to fall apart or lose your temper in public. Use diplomacy at all times, and fly under the radar of the negative souls that this energy possesses. This energy will be most intense for water Moons, Dragon head/tails in Scorpio, and ascendant in Scorpio too.

This Full Moon falls under the Plutonic phase creating intense energy, and stress from the police dept. and law enforcement in general. Criminals always become active at this time so watch your back,know your surroundings, and check your bank accounts for cyber crimes.

The more positive energy of Scorpio is all about secrets, sexuality, high magick, and investigations. This energy will influence heightened sexual drive, and pleasure. The purchase of all things "sexual" will be blessed under these stars. Doing on any sort of investigations, paranormal, and CSI units will find the truth in this energy. Paranormal energy is very strong during a Scorpio Full Moon, and the underworld can hurt, and attack you, both physical, and psychic. Its best to let the experienced do the the ghost hunting at this time.

Magickal Folk: Scorpio Full Moons pack a powerful, magickal punch. Magick involving ailments of sexual matters, reproducion, psychic power, growth, dark arts, transformations, and divination. If you ever wondered when would be the best time to use a penis candle or a vagina candle, it would be during this Moon phase. Happy magick making!

The two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Issues with joint finances or corporate money. You will hear about a death or legacy and many beginnings and endings are common.

Taurus: Issues in your marital life signal that its time for change or serious discussions. This can also effect your business relationships also.The more you fight change, the quicker change will happen.

Gemini: Work life becomes stressful making heath matters take precedence. Take time for yourself, and know this is just a minor set back.

Cancer: This moon is negative and will make you respond more emotionally. Issues with love,romance and children bring emotions front and center. Keep a level head and know that this intense energy will past soon.

Leo: Diplomacy is key within the home environment now. Changes with relocation, and within the family are common.

Virgo: This energy will make you more sarcastic then usual so use better choice of words or face the drama that comes with it.Disputes with siblings are common too.

Libra: Money matters and finances will stress you out and you may have to spend against your will. This energy shall pass, and positive days are ahead.

Scorpio: You are a magnet for drama, and this Full Moon is right on you, suggesting dramatic changes are ahead. Transformation is possible and you must remain positive. Its out with the old, and in with the new. Watch your sarcasm for you could get you killed.

Sagittarius: The subconscious gets a over haul. Dreams are intense, and will have great meaning. Secrets come to light. Positive change is ahead, just let go of the past.

Capricorn: Wishes will not be granted now.Your friends will let you down, and disappoint you. Possibility of sad news from friends will sadden you. Hang in there Cappy!

Aquarius: Your career takes a turn for the worst, and brings added stress. The stars have better plans for you.Get thru the next two weeks and better days will be ahead. Think positive!

Pisces: A wake up call is coming within the realm of higher learning, foreigners, laws, and courts. You may have to reschedule continuing education plans or trips. This too shall pass.

The next few weeks will be problematic for many. Follow the Moon laws and we shall all make it thru. Blessings!

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