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Full Moon in Taurus Forecast

On Oct. 24th we have a Full moon in Taurus @12:45 P.M EDT. Taurus is steady,strong, stubborn and hard working. It rules banking,finances,wealth,beauty,massage,aesthetics and music(singing). Venus is its ruling planet, ruler of love and beauty (she is retrograde right now,so better to wait for any major treatments). We will feel the need to splurge and spend but do keep it in the realm of what you can afford. Negative news from finances and the stock market will plague the news the next few weeks. This brings also the coming of the negative Capricorn( politics,government and money) energy to occur on Nov.7th, 2018 when the "Changing Of The Guards " takes place. There is still money to be made but not with main stream methods. This is why marijuana stocks and Bitcoin investors are still making money. I will explain all that in another newsletter.

Your Forecast by house and sign:

Aries - Finances may bring headaches and deals made may fall thru. Let the next few weeks pass before making any major decisions.

Taurus - This full moon is right on you. Time to make some much needed changes in life. Issues might arise with signed contracts.Wait until next new moon ,then sign contracts.

Gemini - Stress related to your past and your subconscious is vulnerable more now then ever. Listen to your dreams and fight off depression as much as you can.

Cancer - Friends may bring added stress and wishes wont be granted at this time. Relax and lay low for a few weeks.

Leo - You start to worry about all your commitments and having self doubt. Don't, just regroup and refocus the next few weeks and all will be fine.

Virgo - Stress over a new study or upcoming trip occupies your time. Have patience it will be fine.

Libra - Depressing news with investments and someones death may touch you personally. Be strong!

Scorpio - An overhaul in your partnership sector and you may need to reevaluate signed contracts.

Sagittarius - Time to be more aware of your health. Work life may become stressful. Time to take care of you!

Capricorn - Don't let past mistakes in relationships or with your children bring you down or hinder your progress. Mediate and steer clear of or illegal.

Aquarius - Family may bring added stress to the home front. Emotions run high, remain cool and take a deep breath because this energy will past.

Pisces - Your mental process will be off a little and communication will become confusing.Alcohol consumption will make things worse. Sad news is ahead via mail or internet.

Have a safe and blessed few weeks. Don't forget about my Fall special - 12 card spread Astro - tarot reading at

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