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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sag.

It's gonna be four-fecta, as I call it. You see, we have the Dragon tail energy (South Node in Sagittarius), Full moon in Sagittarius, Lunar eclipse, and super moon. Mama mia, that's a lot of fire energy to work with! All Leo's, Aries, Sagittarians, and souls born with a Moon, Sun, rising, natal or hidden Dragon in Sag. will feel this energy the most. Lunar eclipses are all about the internal, inner self, our emotions and feelings. Where ever this sign hits in your own personal chart , you will feel its intensity, especially with eclipse energy. Its about a death and rebirth of some sort on the mundane level, and within your Sagittarius house, for the better.

The negative fire Dragon in Sagittarius has been with us since May of 2020. This is cruising the U.S.A 6th house of health and service to the world. Creating a divided nation, a sick nation, and a fearful nation. Sagittarius in its positive state is the truth seekers of the zodiac, Its about higher knowledge, education, learning, teaching, foreigners, foreign lands. courts, laws, justice and even religion. Sagittarius rules the animal kingdom, pets, doctors and medicine. This energy also rules the indigenous world and minorities. Many have fed into fear with conspiracy, lacking ambition to truly seek out the truth and believing all the lies they have been told by media and politicians. The animal world always take a hit, as do our own pets. This energy is telling you to only travel domestic at this time, and to know that with death comes rebirth.....just like an eclipse of the Moon.

Wherever this sign hits your own personal chart, you will experience its energies also. The world will see people impose their religious virtues, and beliefs more and more. News from aboard makes headlines, Changes usually come within the world of religion, laws, and justice. This is a perfect time to get out into wide open spaces and feel the freedom that Sagittarius brings. Breath in the fresh air and be happy.

Magickal Folk: So, contrary to what many Wiccans (a religion) preach and spiritualist say.....please, do not fear a Lunar Eclipse. Some of the most potent magick can be conjured in this energy. The Eclipse energy hits around 1 a.m. on west coast and 4 a.m. on east coast. This is an amazing time to transmute full moon water to aide and heal animals, court cases, traveling, and higher knowledge! The official Full Moon is at 7:14 a.m. EST so …like all pagan children of the world, from what ever continent you come from, know that Sagittarius energy is all about "knowledge is power and ignorance is evil".

Spell work for court cases, legal matters, publishing, traveling, and travel protection do well. This is also the perfect time for spell work in binding or protection of our pets and animals. Tapping into animal spirit guides, spiritual endeavors, and finding ones truths are all blessed under these stars. Ailments of the liver, lower back, hips and thighs work well too. Merry Magick Making!

Your Two Week Forecast:

Aries: There will be travel delays or plans postponed, and issues with foreigners, This is not the time to travel out of the country. If you must get away, keep plans domestic or pay the price.

Taurus: Corporate issues bring headaches. Death news or a legacy is possible. Investments made now will not bear the fruits you hoped for. Stay strong and be patient. The next few weeks will be rough on all of us.

Gemini: Change is ahead with your domestic relations and business life. If you don't make the necessary changes imposed by the stars, the the stars will make those changes for you.

Cancer: Your job will bring added chaos and stress these next few weeks. DO NOT let work related stress effect your health. make time for you these next few weeks. Your soul will thank you for it.

Leo: The children will bring you added stress and worry and lovers too. This is not the time to start any new relationships. The next two weeks are for soul searching and deep contemplation.

Virgo: Stress with family members, relocations, change of address and the internal family dynamics will get somewhat tense these next few weeks. Have patience and know this too shall pass.

Libra: There is the possibility of sad news on the way via phone or mail. Siblings may contact you with sad news also, and mental clarity is going to take its toll, especially after Mercury goes Rx. Be strong!

Scorpio: You may feel somewhat depressed as your self esteem isn't at its highest level now. There maybe added expenses and spending money you don't have or against your will. This energy will pass. Hang in there.

Sagittarius: The Full moon is right on you, advising you to be cautious these next few weeks. The Dragon is hunting for you, so if its one sign that needs to follow Universal Laws...… Its you Sag. Take no chances these next few weeks, follow you intuition, stay out of trouble and you will be o.k.

Capricorn: Your subconscious takes a hit. Letting go of past mistakes is required. Listen to your dreams, and do not feel into negative fears or rhetoric. Work on yourself and do some soul cleansing.

Aquarius: Sadness with friends. Some may leave your life at this time. Wishes will not be granted. It is a time to reflect and once the moon is new , progress forward.

Pisces: This isn't the time to launch new career endeavors or act foolishly in public. The next few weeks are about sticking it out and waiting for better stars next month.

These next few weeks will be challenging for many of us. Since this Moon energy is going to be difficult for many, I decided to run some specials for the Full Moon at 15 -45% off many of my items. I am not giving the same deals on my Etsy store, so please take advantage of it. I always take care of my clients and followers first and these discounts are for you!

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