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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

I do hope you all enjoyed last weekend's energy because this weekend will turn deadly and chaotic. We have a Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio at 1:34 p.m. EDT. This eclipse will only be visible in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, and Indonesia.

This Full moon is also called The Flower Moon, Corn Moon, or Milk Moon. It represented a time when things are fertile, and Scorpio does rule the reproductive organs so it is infused with sexual energy. It is a time full of abundance, and nature is in full blossom, and fertile with her gifts. Scorpio not only rules sexuality but also transformations too. We all must embrace the Scorpionic energies, feel the fertility around us in nature, and accept with thanks and gratitude for what has been given. This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse energy is a time to be in solitude, within the realm of your fortress (home), and your magickal realm. Be in the moment with this moon, use divination, and be cunning in your witchcraft residue…for this is a potent one.

Lunar Eclipses bring change, and transformation, and represent all sorts of chaos, and shake-ups along the way, especially if they are in Scorpio, the ruler of the 8th house of life, death, drama, rebirth, and transformations. This moon makes us feel more inclined into tapping into deeper knowledge, and occult matters, and seek out the truth. This is when bombshell or explosive news makes headlines and secrets are exposed. Cyber wars, cyber crimes, sex crimes, and fraud, such as money laundering will be on the rise. Check your bank accounts too, as fraud, and cybercrimes are on the rise in the cryptocurrency and banking world too.

We all will experience death, rebirth, and a wake-up call of some sort wherever this falls by the house and sign. However, those who celebrate birthdays between May 3 – 8th will see significate and emotional changes in their lives these next several months. This is the time to tap into our magickal power, our witchcraft residue, many secrets can be revealed, and divination will be needed to answer many questions. Many of us strive for deeper metaphysical knowledge at this time. Especially since Pluto has gone retrograde as of May 1st. Just be prepared for the death, drama, chaos, transformations, beginnings, endings, rebirth, and sexual energies that will surround us.

The next few weeks will not be easy for many of us. These are very trying times, and this energy will test us to the limit. This would be the best time to observe more, speak less, and do more spiritual endeavors, clairvoyance, astrology, and divination such as pendulum, bone throwing, runes, spirit boards, and meditation can bring answers for many. It would be wise to keep your emotions, and anger in check because this isn't the energy to fall apart or lose your temper in public, if fact, stay out of the public eye if possible around May 4/5/6 and save yourself unnecessary aggravation. Use diplomacy at all times, and try to fly under the radar of the negative souls that this energy possesses. This energy will be most intense for Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancers. All water Moons, Dragon heads/tails in Scorpio, ascendant in Scorpio, and Taurus Sun.

Magickal Folk

Some feel magick should never be practiced during eclipses…Im not one of those people. Using the power of Scorpio/Pluto to work magick will be intense but well worth it. I do expect the world at large to be chaotic, and crazy, so let’s stay inside and do magick.

The world at large may be in chaos but within the confines of your home, you can make a magickal fortress to shield one from the harshness outside. And making magick in a Scorpio moon is very potent as Scorpio rules deep metaphysical knowledge, the occult world, metaphysics, witchcraft, lust, sex, the underworld, the dead, investments, other people’s money, death, and legacy.

Any sort of death work, ancestral connections, or necromancy spells will work well. There are so many options for spell work from sex & lust to creating impotency for a cheating lover. Psychic control spell work, shadow work, and healing of reproductive organs can be done too. Scorpio Full Moons are perfect for any baneful magick and especially chaos magick. This would be a good time to send your enemy a little touch of CHAOS as we let the scorpion’s stinger do its work.

Happy Magick Making!

The Two-Week Forecast by House and Sign

This is a feature my Patreons receive and I will be sharing Scorpio and Taurus for FREE as they are the two signs that feel the impact the most. Join for as little as $5 per month here:

Taurus: Significant changes are coming to your business relationships, marital life, and partnership sector. You receive this energy in your 7th house of marriage, sharing, contracts, and partners. This eclipse energy is signaling that it is time for change. Whether it is in a business relationship or a domestic relationship, it’s time to have those serious discussions and make those changes in life. The more you dig your heels in and refuse the change, the quicker change will happen. The stars will force you out of what isn't working anymore and onto something better. These next few weeks are for deep conversations, and planning for the future, and it would be best to not sign any contracts until after the next May New Moon on the 19th.

Scorpio: Think back to May 16, 2022, when we had the last lunar eclipse in Scorpio. What were you doing? And how have things changed? Many Scorpios are questioning their purpose in life, and this eclipse energy, received in the 1st house will force many Scorpios to make changes, have new ideas, new viewpoints, and a new look to their physical self. This is your moon Scorpio, and you will be a magnet for drama, jealousy, and sexuality. With this Full Moon right on you, you’re going to be tested to your limits. Steer clear of heated arguments, drama, and gossip. You have two choices: be the Eagle of the zodiac and rise above it or be the snake (lizard) and fight, create drama, and spread lies. Positive transformations are possible but you must remain level-headed, grounded, and positive. The stars want you to rid yourself of the old and negative ways, and bring in new, fresh, and liberating ideas. Watch your sarcasm these next few weeks too.

This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will be deadly for the world at large. The Scorpionic Plutonic energy will dominate this moon phase and always brings secrets to light, FBI, police news, Russia news, death and drama, crimes such as rape, murder, sex trafficking, terrorism, mass shootings, cyber-attacks, and anything dealing with death, drama, and transformation.

The stars become deadly around May 3rd and last until May 9th but the 4/5/6 are the days to lay low.

This Scorpio energy is in place for the next few weeks and it isn’t the time to go out and protest, or be involved in large crowds or events. The cops will be on high alert and it is advised to stay away from the police as they will not be friendly in any sense of the way. The Cops will make headlines once again for police brutality or they get killed themselves. Many cops will get exposed to within this energy because the cops rule Scorpio energy and the Dragons tail sits in Scorpio, directly hunting for them. I highly advise you to stay in this weekend. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home, and not be around people you do not know well. Be safe, be awake, and be aware.

Blessed Full Moon!

Astro -Strega

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