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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

We have a Full Moon and a Lunar eclipse in Taurus on Saturday, October 28, 2023 at 4:24 p.m. EDT. This Full moon is also called the Hunters Moon/Travel Moon. This represents a time for harvesting fruit, veggies, meats, and wools or textiles for the winter season ahead. Using the brightness of the moon aided in valuable hunting light and travel. It is also the time to begin stocking up on supplies for the winter months ahead.

The partial Lunar eclipse begins at 2:00 p.m. EDT, and will be visible only in the North American Northeast, and visible in full view from Europe, including Russia, Italy, Germany and the UK, and African countries like South Africa, Egypt and Algeria. The moon will enter the penumbra phase at 2:00 p.m. EDT, and the umbra at 4:54 p.m. EDT, and the penumbra again at 6:28 p.m. EDT.,Don't%20miss%20a%20partial%20lunar%20eclipse%20of,Full%20Hunter's%20Moon%20this%20week&text=The%20moon%20will%20pass%20into,Saturday%20(Oct.%2028).&text=Earlier%20this%20month%2C%20an%20annular,turn%20to%20experience%20an%20eclipse.

Think back to November 8, 2022. That is when we had the last Lunar eclipse in Taurus. What has the past year brought you? What changes have come? These are all life lessons to be granted by the stars. Any of my followers who journal should go back and take a look at what was going on in their lives, then. Then ask yourself, what have I achieved and learned from this energy?

This Full Moon energy and the next two weeks will bring added stress with affairs of the heart, love or romance. Many will break up in these stars. There will be bad news with the economy too. The stock market, financial institutions, and corporations create devastating financial news for many of us. Dramatic changes are taking place in the financial world, and like I have said before, ten to fifteen years from now we will not be using the American dollar as currency, and the global financial market will be unrecognizable. The world will be on a global digital currency(crypto-currency and CBDC). You're already on the blockchain and don't even know it.

Remember that the solar eclipse in Libra (Venus) was all about outer expression, physical changes, and the outer self. The lunar eclipse in Taurus (Venus) are both of strong Venus energies and will impact all things related to money and finances, the arts, beauty, aesthetics, and relationships too. The lunar eclipse energy is more internal, and all about our psychological emotions, feelings, and inward issues.

On a more positive note; this energy is ruled by Venus (beauty) so enjoy some beautiful art, good music, and fine foods or delicious wines, as Taurus love to indulge in the finer things in life. It's also a good time to set budgets but make no major investments or financial decisions until the next new moon which rules investing. We may feel like splurging at this time, and spending a little on yourself is one thing, maxing out the credit card is only going to bring financial burdens later on.

After the Full Moon, it's best to look for vintage and second hand items instead of buying brand new. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is a scam so be aware, especially of cyber scams and credit fraud.

Several years ago I posted all about our economy and how there will be corporate deaths and with Pluto in its last breath in Capricorn, it's back to finish what it started back in 2008, transform and rebirth. We have witnessed the exposure of many politicians and their dirty practices these past few years and the last breath of a Capricorn dominated energy set in place in the U.S.A. The last 250 years with its 1st ever Pluto return last year as a nation, is setting the tone for change, globally.

Money is going to be the issue with this eclipse, and produce setbacks with goods, services, and commodities, especially petrol. Venus is the goddess of security, wealth, and beauty, and eclipse energy always represents a death of something and a rebirth of another.

Who is old enough to remember the biggest joke ever, “Trickle Down Economics,” back in the 80s with President Reagan. In the end " trickle down economics" was just a TRICK that the American people fell for.

The souls that will feel this energy the strongest will be ALL the earth signs, and Scorpio. Those who are born with a Dragons head/tail, Sun., Moon, or Ascendant in Taurus. But wherever this falls by house and sign , ALL will feel it.

Magical Folk

There are some that say not to do any magick in eclipse energy…I'm not one of Any time we have a Full Moon/Eclipse in Taurus, which rules finances, money, arts, beauty, and self -esteem, magic is required.

It is the perfect time for beauty and love spells, money spells, abundance and wealth rituals. It represents death and a rebirth in all these areas. Healing work for the ears, nose ,throat, and neck will work well under these stars too. And don't forget to make Moon water, charge those crystals and all magickal tools.

Happy Magick Making!

The next two weeks will be difficult for many. I wish all of our astrological forecasts were more positive in nature but, I would not be true to myself as an Astrologer or the people who read my forecasts if I sugar coated everything to keep you all buried with your heads in the sand.

Lunar eclipses always bring an emotional and internal aspect of change. Where ever this eclipse falls by house and sign, a death, and a rebirth are about to unfold for ALL of us. A rebirth is coming as that is the beauty of life/death/rebirth and transformations.

Be safe these next few weeks as news headlines will be more negative in nature will finances, and economic issues. Taurus Lunar eclipses are ruled by Gaia (The Great Mother Earth) and Uranus is in Taurus making the Faultline's and volcanos very active too. She will be there to let us know let us know she is gonna shake some trees and stretch her self with seismic activity these next few weeks. Be safe and have a blessed Full Moon/eclipse.

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