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Happy Birthday Aquarius!

Jan.20 -Feb.18 - Ruler of 11th house - The Water Bearer - Ruling Planet:Uranus

Mineral: Uranium - Rules Circulatory system and ankles - Fixed sign - Masculine

Aquarius is the Astrologer of the Zodiac. They rule, friends,group efforts,wishes, and activities. They are intellectual, independent, and can be very eccentric at times. They do have a futuristic mind and souls that are born in February usually have UFO experiences of some sort. You love science,new technology, aeronautics, and even Astrology and New Age matters.

Aquarius is very smart, some say they are the"intellectual genius". They are free spirited, free thinkers, inventors, and even the spiritual gurus or enlightened to higher consciousness. The are all about universal love,compassion and care deeply for humanity. Their ruling planet is Uranus and it is the planet of sudden release of energy,earth changes,earthquakes,and shocking changes. They will at times seem distant or even cold but they are in there own little world and they are just assimilating everything in their mind.

The past year or two has been rough on Aquarius. You had the negative Dragon tail in Aquarius, Head in Leo right on you since May of 2017 - Nov.6 2018. Making you question your souls purpose in life and dealing with everything that the universe threw at you. Its enough to make anyone say "what the hell did I do to deserve this". You survived and now the new Universal energy is in your 12th house of Capricorn (subconscious,mysticism) and 6th house of Cancer (health, work) opening up new opportunities this year for a better job or even better health. The concern here is that the negative energy is sitting right on your subconscious making it one of the worst place to be. Do not feed into negative things and people. Your mind is working at a more vulnerable level and fear,depression and feelings of instability may arise. Take this time to do more mediation, chakra healing,yoga, and long walks in nature.


Jupiter as moved into Sagittarius since Nov.8, 2018 and resides there until Dec.2, 2019. Jupiter is the lord of luck and where ever he is placed astrologically he will bring you great luck,abundance, and adventure. He happens to to cruising your 11th house of wishes,friends,group activities and your social life.

This year you will make new friends,meet new people, attend more events and socialize a lot more. This is the year where one of your dearest wishes may come true. And it will be from a good friend. Embrace this energy and best of luck dear Aquarius.

And my full-life readings have been extended until 1/31/19 and are the perfect b day gift.

Artwork by San Dra

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