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Happy Birthday Aries!

1st house - The Ram - Planet:Mars - The Lord of War - Rules the brain & head Color:Red - Mineral:Steel - Personality Traits:myself,my needs, I am - Cardinal sign

Aries is the infant of the zodiac. Ruled by Mars, and fire ,the planet of aggression,action,speed and inpatients. These souls learn by trial and error. Their ruling color is red just like the red planet Mars they will have an aggressive nature ,unless other planets are involved to make them less accident prone and more advanced souls.

These souls love a challenge and will be very competitive, head strong, aggressive, selfish and even destructive in some negative cases. The location of Mars in anyone's chart will tap into the desire principle.(what men and women want in a mate) and where danger(violent death) can arise in the negative state. Once Aries learns to harness his childlike ways and be more disciplined he can achieve success and be a great warrior.

The Universal Dragon is cruising your 10th house(Capricorn) and your 4th house(Cancer). So changes are coming to your career,accomplishments, and public standing. Better behave yourself in public for your actions will follow you where ever you go. The Dragon head is right on your 4th house of home,family,domestic environment,mother and emotions. You may plan to buy or sell,redecorate or even invest,sell property for the betterment of your immediate family.And lets not forget Saturn(karma) and Pluto(transformation,death,rebirth) and doing a dance in the same house as the Universal Dragons tail so you better beware,take caution and follow the fluctuations of the Moon.

The Jupiter Report:

Jupiter will be cruising through your 9th house of Sagittarius until Dec.2,2019. Jupiter is the Lord of Luck and where ever he is cruising, whether natal or for a short time he will bless his children. Anything dealing with foreigners,foreign land,traveling, higher learning,education and the law will be presented to you and luck will appear in all these areas. This a the perfect time to plan that long awaited trip far away or take on a new study. Foreigners will bring added luck to you at this time as well. Its all about wide open spaces and feeling free so get out there Aries and see the world.

Happy Birthday to all Aries souls this month!

Aries by San Dra

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