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Happy Birthday Cancer!

June 21 - July 21

Mother of Fertility - Ruler of the Moon - Animal: The Crab - 4th house - Rules:U.S.A

Mineral/Silver - Rules Breasts and Stomach - Color/White - Intuitive&Reflective

Cancer is a Cardinal water sign, always in a nurturing mode. The Moons energy rules mothers, home,family,emotions, and will always be there to help expressing their own emotions in a kind, nurturing and caring way. Their down fall here is becoming overly sensitive,clingy,needy, and emotional. You are the "Mother of Fertility", ruled by the Moon, and sometimes this can make many Cancer's moody and crabby. Cancers possess a direct connection to the Moon and most will always have inborn intuition, grace, and a gift for food and cooking.

The physical presence of Cancers usually have round faces, fair skin, and watery eyes. Many will be intuitive,sometimes moody, very protective, and some even have strong psychic abilities as water signs (Cancer,Scorpio, and Pisces) have natural born intuition. The men/women are usually great cooks and make wonderful fathers/mothers due to their inborn domestic capabilities. People with a Cancer Dragon Head take on these qualities as well. Since this sign is geared towards emotions and feelings the downfall here is to sometimes become withdrawn and hibernating in their comfy little shell. That is okay sometimes but don't hibernate so much that you forget to stay in tune with human contact.Seclusion is good at times but Cancers need to get out there too. You will regenerate your spirit with water. In times of confusions and even depression get to the source, for you are ruled by water.

Cancers Jupiter Report: The Lord of Luck is cruising your 6th house of health and employment,service to the world. Where ever Jupiter sits in ones chart will always bring added abundance and luck your way. Health will improve or at least set you on the right track to better health. You may even get that job you wanted so reach for the stars this year Cancer. Jupiter moves on Dec.2, 2019 from Sagittarius into Capricorn and will then be in your 7th House of contracts, marriage , and partnership. 2020 may be the year you launch that new business, get married, or move in together.Either way, next year Cancers could make deeper commitments whether its for business or domestic environment. Sign contracts only in waxing moon phases. Solar eclipse on July 2,2019 will have significant impact on you.

The Dragon Report: The Universal Dragon energy is now in a Cancer/Capricorn axis. This energy is right on you right now and remains in place until May 5, 2020. With this energy, it can either hinder or help you.Cancers must always follow the Moon phase in order to receive blessings. Your souls purpose in life will be in question. You will look for deeper meaning in life and may even change your views on things in this phase. The Dragons energy wants you to clean out the old cobwebs that were holding you back. Focusing on you,and how to achieve better self-esteem, and what you really want out of life.

On May 6,2020 the axis turns again and the Dragon energy shifts into a Gemini/ Sagittarius axis, right on your 6th house of health and the north node energy will be in the 12 house of the subconscious. Luckily the Dragons energy is at it head and will make your thought process stronger and less filled with inner fears. Try to stay as healthy as possible because your health and service to the world is be tested in many ways in 2020/2021.

Happy Birthday once again to all Cancers. You are the babies of Summer. Blessings to you all.

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