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Happy Birthday Capricorn!

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Dec. 21 - Jan. 20 - The Sea Goat - Ruler of 10th house - Planet: Saturn - Mineral: Steel Rules: bones,teeth,skin - Cardinal sign - Feminine

Capricorn is the oldest sign in the zodiac representing the Father of zodiac or head of the Devil because Christianity subconsciously chose this. Their motto is "I use or abuse". Ruling the 10th house of career, accomplishments and public standings. Saturn is their ruling planet, and karmic they are. Saturn is all about structure (positive),manipulation (negative), and power. Capricorn has a fishtail that represents metaphysics (devil) and once the Sea Goat masters this witchcraft residue they will be able to achieve higher consciousness and be the masters of the stars for Capricorn is the natural born psychologist.

Capricorn rules politics,conservatism,all branches of the government, wealth, Illuminati, snobbery, classical music and United Kingdom. Sea goats are the most down to earth in the zodiac, and will always climb to the top of the mountain to get to where they want to be. They are hard working and want to make money and gain popularity for their accomplishments. They are organized and structured but their down fall will be drugs, alcohol, and are either very religious or into atheism and science. Capricorns lesson is just because you cant see it, touch it, or feel it doesn't mean it don't exist. They must learn to see the bigger picture and let go of small details.

Where ever one has Saturn or Capricorn in their chart you have "The Devil particle". I'm not saying all Capricorns are evil ,quit the contrary. What I'm saying is the Devil has been perceived as evil, abusive, and manipulative just like the negative trails of Capricorn but the positive side of Capricorn is structure, discipline, deep spiritual secrets,enlightenment (dark matter energy) from the darkness comes the light. They are hardworking and loyal but if you betray them they don't get mad,they get even. They are a karmic sign just like Pisces and will never get away with murder as Saturn/karma will be there waiting for them. Saturn will always be there to help his children by giving them intuition, sharp minds, and rational thought.

Your 2019 Forecast :

This will be the year Capricorn has a spiritual awakening of some sort. The Universal Dragon energy is right on you as we are in a Cancer/Capricorn axis. Many unknowing Capricorns will see transformations within their own lives, and some will experience karmic lessons. Others will experience sickness and even death if they are not careful.I see many famous Capricorns and Cancers losing their lives because they don't know their positive and negative days. It is time for them to sit back and let others do some of the work. Capricorn will need to work on themselves and give themselves a little TLC because we want you around for a long, long time. Take care of yourself and make 2019 a healthier you. This would be a good time to get a check up.

Capricorn has the Dragons tail (past life residue), Pluto (transformation), and Saturn(karma) all in Capricorn. Making this year the year we put ourselves first for once. We will not seek the spotlight as much and will let others shine thru. We will sit back, do the work behind the scenes, speak less and observe more. Capricorn is going to receive high spiritual knowledge if they are open to the intangible and the unknown.

There are several eclipses this year making transitions for both Cancer and Capricorn. Jan.5 is a solar eclipse in Capricorn. Solar eclipses are about outer changes, new endeavors and transformations in the physical self. Solar eclipse energy lasts for about six months and people who have a birthdays four to five days before or after this eclipse will feel its impact the most. On Jan.21 we have a total lunar eclipse in Leo making things more internal and subconscious . Capricorns 8th house is Leo and changes will come in the world of legacy's, inheritance, taxes and joint finances and life and death. July 2 we have a solar eclipse in Cancer, Capricorns 7th house of domestic partnerships, contracts and business relations. Wedding bells for some or deeper commitments, maybe you two move in together, business endeavors with new partners and contracts are all blessed under this energy. Dec. 26, 2019 is a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn making all Capricorns very lucky toward the end of the year.

The Jupiter Report:

Jupiter moved into its governing sign Sagittarius on Nov. 8, 2018 and resides there until Dec.2 ,2019. The lord of luck will always bless his children with good fortune, adventure and unlimited opportunities in life to succeed. This Jupiter energy will effect your 12th house of the subconscious mind and lucky Jupiter will steer Capricorn away from depression, self loathing, and bring higher consciousness, spiritual awakenings, hidden secrets,occult and metaphysical studies. Unexplained things will happen to the practical, logical Sea Goat this year. Be open to these changes for the stars want you to grow from these experiences.

On Dec.3 ,2019 Jupiter moves into Capricorn which is somewhat difficult because Jupiter is about expansion and adventure and Capricorn is all about structure and balance. However, the 26th of December, 2019 will be very lucky for most Capricorns as a New Moon in Capricorn,solar eclipse and Jupiter are cruising your 1st house.Prosperity, abundance and wealth can be achieved. Play the lotto,gamble and take risks. Your waistline will expanded too, so exercise and eat right, achieve good healthy habits, and get in shape in 2019 because 2020 looks even better then 2019 for Capricorn. You have a lot to look forward to fellow Capricorns. Make this a great year buy knowing your lucky and unlucky days for knowledge will always be personal power.

Art By San Dra

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