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Happy Birthday Capricorn

Dec. 21 - Jan. 20 - The Sea Goat - Ruler of 10th house - Planet: Saturn - Mineral: Steel

Rules: bones, teeth, skin - Cardinal sign - Feminine - Tarot/Devil - "I use" or abuse

Capricorn is one of the oldest signs in the zodiac. It represents the Father of the zodiac or engineer. It is also the head of the Devil because Christianity subconsciously chose this. Their motto is "I use or abuse." Ruling the 10th house of career, structure, accomplishments and public standings. Saturn is their ruling planet, and karmic, they are. Saturn is all about structure (positive),manipulation (negative), and power. Capricorn has a fishtail that represents metaphysics (devil) and once the Sea Goat masters this witchcraft residue they will be able to achieve higher consciousness and be the masters of the stars for Capricorn is the natural born psychologist in Ancient Astrology.

Capricorn rules politics, conservatism, all branches of the government, wealth, Illuminati, snobbery, classical music and United Kingdom. Sea goats are the most down to earth in the zodiac, and will always climb to the top of the mountain to get to where they want to be. They are hard working and want to make money and gain popularity for their accomplishments. They are organized and structured but their down fall will be drugs, alcohol, and are either very religious or into atheism and science. Capricorns lesson is just because you cant see it, touch it, or feel it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. They must learn to see the bigger picture and let go of small details.

Where ever Saturn and Capricorn are located in ones chart you will have "The Devil particle". I'm not saying all Capricorns are evil ,quit the contrary. What I'm saying is the Devil has been perceived as evil, abusive, and manipulative just like the negative traits of Capricorn but the positive side of Capricorn is structure, discipline, deep spiritual secrets, enlightenment (dark matter energy) from the darkness comes the light. They are hardworking and loyal but if you betray them they don't get mad, they get even. They are a karmic sign just like Pisces and will never get away with murder as Saturn/karma will be there waiting for them. Saturn will always be there to help his children by giving them intuition, sharp minds, and rational thought.

On May 5, 2020 the Dragon energy shifted into a Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Capricorns can breath a sigh of relief. This doesn't mean that you are not vulnerable to the new energy cruising your 12 house of hidden enemies, occult matters, deeper knowledge, and subconscious mind. This is one of the worst placements for a Dragons tail to be but it can be controlled. Capricorns golden rule for 2020/2021 was " Do not feed into fear." If you do feed into this fear of the unknown, then you will suffer psychological issues, addictions etc.

The positive energy was cruising your 6th house of health, and service to the world. Many Capricorns saw improvements to their health and may have received better job offers and opportunities. The past few years have been very hard on this sign, and the unknown is scary, especially since Goats are such planners.

2022 promises to be a better year for Capricorn with the Dragon shifting in Jan. 18,2022 into a Taurus/Scorpio axis. This will be affecting the 5th and 11th houses of all January born Capricorns.

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