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Happy Birthday Gemini!

May 21- June 21

The Twins of the Zodiac - Ruling Planet:Mercury - Rules: lungs,arms,legs & respiratory

Considered"messenger of the Gods"- 3rd house/Mutable - Energy:dashing & curious

Happy Birthday to you,Gemini! Souls born in the air sign of Gemini will be talkative,charming,dashing and quick tonged. They will love to tell jokes,converse with others and have a natural gift for gab.

Their ruling planet is Mercury also called "The Messenger of God(s)." This sign also rules post office,critical thinking,writing,journalism,transportation, communication,broadcasting and all intellectual conversations. They also seem to have a youthful look to them,even if they are much older then they appear. They learn at a much faster pace then others, and are prone to restlessness,fidgeting, and even A.D.D/A.D.H.D. They are very adaptable to most surrounding.

The negative side or souls with an inflicted Mercury can be liars,cheaters, thieves, Jack of all trades, and argue to no end,just for the sake of arguing.

The Jupiter Report: The planet Jupiter is in its governing sign of Sagittarius until Dec.2,2019. Jupiter is the Lord of Luck and where ever this planet is placed either natal or stationed for a period of time will bring luck to the individual. Jupiter is stationed in your 7th house of partnerships both domestic,and business. Signing contract,marriage,new business partnerships, and taking relationships to the next level will all be blessed under these stars.

Forecast for 2019-2020 : The Universal energy is in Cancer/Capricorn axis until May 5, 2020. This energy is sitting on your 2nd house (money,wealthy,possessions), and the tail(negative) is cruising your 8th house (death,drama,transformation,joint finances,taxes and investments). Gemini will be incredibly lucky this year with making money,improving your self esteem,and investing. Since the Dragons tail is cruising your 8th house, news of death is common and can also bring with it a legacy or inheritance of some sort.issues with taxes, others money or joint finances can bring added stress. Remember the Universal Laws of the Moon, Waxing moons to sign contracts,invest and buy and Waning Moons are for rest,planning,regrouping,clean up and tying up lose ends. Use the solar eclipse on July 2, 2019 in Cancer(real estate,hospitality industry) to really make some money and invest in those areas and you will be WINNING!

Good Luck Gemini and Happy Birthday!

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