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Happy Birthday Leo

Happy birthday Leo! The Lion of the zodiac: ruled by the Sun and ruled by the heart. You are honorable and prideful. You take center stage,in the spotlight and rule creativity, love, romance and children. Leo's love is selfish but they love wholeheartedly and with passion and dedication. Their down fall is ego,spiritual pride and burn out. Advanced Leo souls will learn the art of humility and pride and use it promote themselves to center stage which uses the creative forces Leo has been blessed with astrologically speaking.

The past 15 months have either been difficult or progressive life changes depending on your natal star placements by house and sign.The universal energy is right on you in Leo/Aquarius and this energy can be deadly for both signs. Many people in the past 15 months have fallen ill,had financial crisis and some simply question what their purpose in life truly is. Throw in a few eclipses, solar and lunar and its enough to drive a lion crazy.

The good news is we have a beautiful partial Solar eclipse and a new super moon in Leo on August 11th at 5:58 PM EDT.This energy is right on you. You must learn to use the power of the Moon (emotional balance) and the Sun (souls desire) to guide you. Since this falls right on your first house, its time for new beginnings and following your heart. Abundance is available to you and the next few weeks during this new moon phase are a green light for you dear Leo. Knowing your positive and negative days will surely benefit you. Best of luck and Happy birthday once again. )O(

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