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Happy Birthday Libra!

September 23 - October 22 - Motto " I balance" - 7th house

Cardinal sign - Planet/Venus - Feminine - Mineral/Copper - Rules back & kidneys

Souls born under the Sun of Libra are usually kind and gentle souls. They strive for balance and harmony in their lives. They are the perfect "flower child" seeking peace and love. Their motto is justice and balance and don't think for a minute they are a push over because once you have hurt a Libra, they will strike with deadly force. Opportunities are offered to Libra in the realm of relationships/partnerships and are blessed with a gift for psychology,law and justice, interior design and for the advanced Libra metaphysics and astrology.

The past 18 months have probably been somewhat stressful in your 5th house of love,romance and children. These areas of your life have given added stress to your daily life. However, the Universal Dragon energy has been in your 11th house of friendship and wishes. You have met some great people these past few months and some of your wishes may have come true. This energy shifts on Nov.7th - May 5th 2020 into a Cancer/Capricorn energy and will be in your 10th( Cancer) and 4th house (Capricorn).

You're career and public standing is about to get a boost of success in the coming year. Opportunities will come your way for advancement and progress. The tail will be cruising your 4th house of home,emotions and family. You may have to move or relocate. Family will become stressful and the home front can get emotional at times. You can juggle a successful career and a balanced home life. Follow the fluctuations of the moon and you shall succeed.

No two Libras are alike and each have their own celestial makeup.Libras get a monthly special this month thru Oct.22. If you would like to know more about what 2019 has in store and an in-depth look at your personal stars email me at and you will get a full life reading for $45 instead of $75....what a deal!

Happy Birthday Libra! Make it a great year. And best of luck to you all. Blessings!

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