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Happy Birthday Libra!

September 23 - October 22 - 7th house - Arch Angel: Jophiel - Ruling Planet:Venus

Cardinal sign - Feminine - Mineral:Copper - Rules back & kidneys - Motto " I balance"

Souls born under the Sun of Libra are usually kind and gentle souls. They strive for balance and harmony in their lives. They are the perfect "flower child" seeking peace and love. Their motto is justice and balance and don't think for a minute they are a push over because once you have hurt a Libra, they will strike with deadly force. Opportunities are offered to Libra in the realm of relationships/partnerships and are blessed with a gift for psychology,law and justice, interior design and for the advanced Libra metaphysics and astrology.

The Dragon energy in Cancer/Capricorn axis has been in your 10th( Cancer) and 4th house (Capricorn) since Nov.2018. Your career and public standing have been the focal point the past 12 months and opportunities have come your way for advancement and progress with in the realm of career,public standing and accomplishments.. The tail has been cruising your 4th house of home,emotions and family. Your home life the past several month may be stressful,full of emotions,dealing with a parent or mother figure, and even relocation and moving.

This energy shifts on May 5, 2020 and moves into a Gemini/Sagittarius axis until Jan. 19, 2022.This energy in late spring will effect your 9th house (Gemini) and 3rd house (Sagittarius). With the Dragons head cruising your house of higher learning, higher knowledge,foreigners and foreign lands, laws, philosophy and travel. You may find your self in the next 18 months taking on a new study or traveling to exotic places for learning. Foreigners will be a source of luck for you at this time, use it to your advantage. The Dragons tail will be in your 3rd house (Sagittarius) representing short trips,transportation issues (may need to get new wheels) creating more communication with siblings and friends, sometimes less positive in nature. The mental process will be challenged now and plans will have to be postpones and re-planned. The Dragon's tail is the karmic fate or lesson that must be learned. Follow the phases of the moon for the best success.

THE JUPITER REPORT: JUPITER (LORD OF LUCK) moves into Capricorn on Dec. 2,2019. This is a very positive placement since the past Dragon tail energy was cruising your 4th house making some negative aspects to your own chart.Now,Jupiter will repay its children with luck, wealth and abundance in the 4th house. Buying or selling a new home, redecorating or even relocation to somewhere better will all be on the agenda. The home life will improve, and he hard struggles of the past 18 months will see sunny days again.

Wishing all Libras a wonderful Birthday season. Enjoy my 50% off special on Full Life Soul's Readings here:

Blessed Be!

Artwork by SanDra

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