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Happy Birthday Pisces!

Pisces challenge in this life is to question everything and use critical thinking instead of blind faith, delusions,

Color: Deep Blue like the sea - Astro- geography :Middle East - Mineral:platinum - Rules feet

Pisces is one of the most difficult signs in the zodiac. Not because they are hard to get along with,that is quit the contrary. They are the oldest sign in the zodiac next to Capricorn. Both these signs rule karma. Pisces needs to learn to swim up to the light of higher self (God)/Goddess) and not get caught up in religious poisoning,gurus,cults or anything that doesn't let this spiritually inclined soul swim upstream towards light, learning,spirituality,the underworld,and higher consciousness.Pisces has it all for astral projection, paranormal experiences,seeing the dead and communication with them.

Pisces challenge in this life is to question everything and use critical thinking instead of blind faith, delusions or falling into the underworld of drugs,alcohol, insanity, deception,depression,delusions, and hidden fears. Pisces rules the feet and as a water sign you must connect with water. You will regenerate with water; so getting to a ocean,river,stream,lake or hot bath/pool will do. I also advise walking barefoot on "Terra Firma" a.k.a mother earth,grass,sand or dirt. This will elevate your spirit and ground you. Pisces needs lots of grounding and meditation for they are the most spiritual sign in the zodiac and can soar to unknown worlds and boundaries.

Jupiter Report for Pisces 2019:

Jupiter is in Sagittarius and cruising your10th house of career. This will be the year for accomplishments, rewards for service well done,your public appearance gets a boost and a possible advancement in the career sector you your life. Parents rule this house too and may bring added luck to you at this time.

Dragon Forecast for Pisces:

he Universal Dragon energy is in a Cancer/Capricorn axis thru May 2020 The tail will be cruising your 11th house of friends,social situations, and wishes. And with this energy being in its negative state, some friends will leave your life at this time and new ones will be made. Wishes will not be in favor at this time but love is in the air! This energy is cruising Pisces 5th house of love,romance, creativity, and children. Your kids will bring you joy and luck this year and a new romance might be in the stars for you.Your creativity in anything you put energy into will flourish. Good Luck Pisces!

You can find my full explanation on the Universal Dragon Energy by house or sign on You Tube here:

Happy Birthday Pisces and swim to the stars!

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