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Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

Nov.22 - Dec. 21st - The Archer - Ruling Planet is Jupiter - 9th house

Sagittarius is half man and half horse. This sign rules traveling,foreign lands, pets and the animal world, philosophy, Native American past life, religion,law, courts, and good fortune. These souls love to teach,learn and travel to foreign lands to meet new people and experience adventure. Sagittarians love wide open space and are especially fond of horses and most animals. They love to socialize, party and are the "truth seekers" of the zodiac. Their bow and arrow will always represent the constant need for spiritual philosophies and a thirst for knowledge and higher learning.

They rule the hips and thighs and lower back and may experience issues in those areas. These souls are ambitious,usually well educated and love intellect. The downfall here is if Sagittarius is in a negative aspect then you will have the religious zealot, boastful minister,stifled by their own narrow minded viewpoints. They lose all critical thinking and believe the good book and nothing but the good book without searching for higher knowledge. The advanced Sagittarius soul will use his bow and arrow for higher knowledge and open their minds up to other cultures,religions and philosophies. They will reach for the stars.

2019 Sagittarius Forecast and Jupiter Report:

The coming year should be pretty good for The Archer. Jupiter is in Sagittarius and back home to its governing sign. With Jupiter right on you lots of luck and good fortune is in store.With this planet in 1st house, weight gain and back issues might arise so take good care of yourself.

The Universal energy is cruising your 2nd and 8th houses. The Dragon's tail is cruising your 2nd (wealth,money,self esteem) and you may have some financial burdens here and there within the next 18 months. The Dragons head is cruising the 8th house(death,rebirth,transformation,sex) and you may obtain money thru inheritance,taxes, others money, joint finances and sexuality is heightened.

Saturn is in Capricorn (karma) until 2020 and Pluto (drama) is in Capricorn also and stationed until 2023 both in your 2nd house. This means that if you have been deceitful with money you will feel Saturn's karmic wrath and Pluto will make you die hypothetically speaking and be reborn with hard lessons learned. If you have been true to yourself and others then there is nothing to worry about and Jupiter always protect his children.

Have a wonderful Birthday and a happy ,healthy and prosperous 2019 Sagittarius. And don't forget, if you would like to learn all about yourself and your Unique Celestial Identity my Astro-psychology full life readings are still on sale at half price. Check it out!

Artwork by San Dra

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