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Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

Nov.22 - Dec. 21st - The Archer - Ruling Planet: Jupiter - 9th house - Mineral: Tin

Rules hips & thighs - Arch Angel: Raguel Energy: Ambitious

Sagittarius is half man and half horse. This sign rules traveling, foreign lands, pets, especially horses and the animal world, philosophy, Native American past life and ALL indigenous. It rules religion, law, courts, ambition and good fortune. These souls love to teach, learn and travel to foreign lands to meet new people and experience new adventures. These soul's love wide open space and are the biggest animal lovers. They love to socialize, party and are the "truth seekers" of the zodiac. Their bow and arrow will always represent the constant need for spiritual philosophies and a thirst for knowledge and higher learning.

They rule the hips, thighs, and lower back, and may experience issues in those areas. These souls are ambitious, usually well educated, and love intellect. The downfall here is if Sagittarius is in a negative aspect then you will have the religious nut, a loud and boastful minister, and suppressed by their own narrow minded viewpoints, making it impossible for them to attain higher knowledge. They lose all critical thinking and believe the good book and nothing but the good book without searching for different viewpoints and ideas. The advanced Sagittarius soul will use his bow and arrow for higher knowledge and open their minds up to other cultures, religions and philosophies. They will reach for the stars and seek higher knowledge.

This Universal Dragon energy has been in a Gemini/Sagittarius axis since May 5,2020. This energy has been sitting right on your 1st house (souls purpose, outward appearances) and the Dragons head is cruising the 7th house (marriage, contracts, partnerships). There may have been deeper commitments in your personal life, marriage or business partners and contracts. Lots of positive may have taken place in the 7th house this past year.

Many Sagittarians have felt like they may need to discover their true souls purpose these past 18 months. And many have! A new day is dawning for my Sagittarians. You have weathered the storm. You have learned lessons, made strides for a better "you". The next Dragon shift prepares you for the the next phase that the stars have to offer you.

On January 18,2022 the axis shifts again. The universe moves into a Taurus/Scorpio axis. This takes place in December born Sagittarius/ Capricorns. The Dragon head moves into Sagittarius's 6th house of health and service to the world. This means that positive changes are ahead with new employment opportunities, and your health gets a much needed boost. If health was an issue in 2021, 2022 promises to be much, much better and the stars shine on you with good health and better job offers.

The tail will be cruising your 12th house of the subconscious mind. This is where my fellow Sagittarians must not feed into any fears or dogmatic views of the end days mantra. Your subconscious will be in a more fragile state where fears, depression, sadness and hidden enemies can reside. As your astrologer, I want to tell you that this very energy has been residing with ALL January born Capricorns, and that means me too. These past few months I have gotten through it with meditation, calling upon my spirit guides for protection, placing logic and reason over fear and illusions. It is a time to rediscover yourself and your spiritual path, and know that I am always here for you.

Wishing Sagittarius a very wonderful birthday and a happy and healthy New Year.

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